The Morristown Deli is a great place to meet.

Motown_DeliThe Morristown Deli is where it all happens. It's the favorite morning and lunch meeting place in Morristown. Every day you see the leading professionals in the area in there networking, making things happen. The Deli is a magnet in the area because the food is terrific. They are well known for their smoked fish. NY style hot meats (Pastrami, Corn Beef, Brisket), huge omeletes and large sandwiches.

The service is quick and friendly without pushing to free up the table where you are busy cutting a deal or sharing connections. I tell people it is my "second" office. I always see people in there I know. Sometimes I schedule several same morning meetings back to back at the Deli. They never make me feel uncomfortable because I tie up the table for a few hours...a smart way to handle their business!

The Morristown Deli has been in business over 30 years under three generations of the Marowitz family. I usually see Marc (2nd generation) and his daughter Brittany working the room. They make everyone feel like they are part of the family as well. The family is very hands-on which keeps the quality of the experience really high.

One fun part of the Deli is the large collection of old fashion candies and large PEZ dispensers (remember those?) available for sale at the check-out.

The only real down side of the Morristown Deli is that they are closed on Mondays which I almost always forget when I am scheduling first of the week breakfast meetings! It's not fun driving up to the front of the Deli on a Monday with bad weather, seeing my guest standing outside looking forlorn and often under an umbrella.

If you need a good place to meet in the Morristown area this is the place....7 Elm Street, Morristown. P: 973-267-3766

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