SouenSouen is the first macrobiotic restaurant we have been to and it was awesome. Our new friend and top nutritionist, Jeanette Bronee recently introduced us to the Souen restaurant at their 11th street in New York City address. They have two other locations in the city. Since 1971, Souen has been offering natural organic food to New York diners, with the foremost priority being to serve delicious meals in keeping with good health.

To quote from their web site, "We prepare our food simply and naturally, offering you the best quality grains, beans, and produce. No refined, chemicals, preservatives, meat or dairy products are used in our kitchen. We also employ traditional methods of preparation whenever possible to enhance the healthful quality and natural flavor of our food."

With the increasing awareness of the connection between food, health and the environment, we continue our consistent effort to maintain and improve upon our high standards and Macrobiotic principles.

Our concept is to let people all over the world experience real traditional Japanese food, delicious Macrobiotic food. We'd like people to bring it into their lives to allow them to heal themselves, improve their immune systems, and have a more enjoyable, harmonious life. Our aim is to contribute to a peaceful world."

When we were there Jeanette and Judy (founder of Garden State Woman) had their delicious curry with tofu and a wide variety of vegetables and I had a really good plate of brown rice, beans and a variety of vegetables. We drank herbal tea and had a unique, unsweetened fruit dish for a shared dessert. He total for the three of us came to just under $50 with tip.
Souen's web site ( has lots of interesting content that is well worth learning about.

For example, they host a Sunday morning lecture series that recently covered topics that include:
What Your Face Reveals About Health
Learn the secrets of oriental diagnosis. Macrobiotic visual diagnosis of the face can see problems in your organs before serious illness arise. John has combined modern macrobiotic diagnosis methods with traditional diagnosis from oriental medicine, to make a more complete and accurate system of health evaluation.

Myths and Truths about Food and Health
Food has a powerful impact on health and healing. There are, also, incredible ideas about health that can change your life. At the same time, there are misunderstandings about food regarding veganism, raw foods, supplements, cholesterol, fats and the four food groups. Many myths about health, also, abound. We will examine the myths and truths of food

The Eight Macrobiotic Healing Strategies
Discover the fundamental healing methods and strategies of healing according to the principles of balance. All natural methods can be a part of a macrobiotic healing approach but some are more important than others. Learn about a larger view of macrobiotic healing can embrace all methods of natural healing.

Extreme Foods That Weaken Vitality
Learn about the dangers to health of many modern foods that we eat. These foods can weaken our vitality and cause sickness. In this class John will explain which foods to limit or avoid to promote your best health. Learn about chemicals, sugars, stimulants and even natural foods that can weaken your health.

Souen is not your typical restaurant. That's for sure. But it is certainly worth trying and knowing about. When we were there for a mid week lunch on a rainy day it was packed. Many of those dining there were young, with-it people, probably mostly savvy students from NYU and the other universities in the lower New York City area. None that we could see were overweight!

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