Strong Networks Lead to Interesting People

Faith004aA good network enhances your life. Over the years, my husband and I have been fortunate to meet hundreds (probably thousands) of very interesting people. Many of these contacts have resulted in meetings with others who would not normally be in our scope. A real network is a group of people with whom you share some common interest.

For example, several years' ago I attended a Christmas party given by Executive Women of New Jersey. Having recently had knee replacement, I found a place to sit and watch. I soon engaged in a conversation with the woman (Margot) sitting next to me. We began to compare notes on knee replacements and the conversation turned to our professional lives. I learned that she had sold her successful large New York marketing company and was restarting again in the business world, this time with a focus was on the web. She was a copywriter for websites and very willing to share her ideas about content on the web with me. She became a fan of Garden State Woman and has supported our conferences and networking events. I also learned that she was a dog person who had rescued a dog that was going to be put to sleep. This dog became her constant companion with a very outgoing and friendly personality.

My new friend wanted us to meet an attorney friend (Kurt) who had been very helpful when she sold her business. This introduction led to meeting Kurt and his very talented wife Julie for dinner. During a very enjoyable evening, the four of us shared stories and had many laughs. We learned that evening that Julie, in addition to raising their son, has embarked on a significant business venture of her own. She has a background in corporate marketing. She and a partner design and market plush toys designed for dogs of all sizes. Since we have an 85 lb German Shepherd who loves to toss around anything that she can get in her mouth, we were immediately interested. This is when we discovered   for dogs that Faith001alike to play and have fun. Designed by Julie from thoughtfully selected fabrics that have three specially bonded layers, which provide added strength and longer life, the toys are an antidote for boredom. Julie has come up with creative creatures to shape the toys which are made in China. The addition of squeakers strategically placed creates interest for the dog.

My husband is developing a separate win-win relationship with Kurt with both looking for quality relevant people and business opportunities to introduce to each other. And the networking chain goes on...

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Judy Chapman

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