New Korean Restaurant in NYC

The Korea Spoon just opened in K-town on 32nd Street in New York City. Everything is well appointed from the silver chopsticks to the fabulously done décor with an open floor plan, modern lines and natural tones. The second floor caters to diners who want a Korean barbeque experience. As the name indicates, the menu includes a large amount of entrees to be eaten with a spoon. The food is plentiful. We were served a wonderful selection of banchan (small dishes of appetizers), 9 in all to start. All our ordered dishes were delicious: beef tartar, bibimbap and a fish soup. The traditional stone bowls kept our food incredibly hot. Paying high attention to detail, the staff was very friendly. We will definitely be going back.
They are too new to have a website. Feel free to call them with any questions.
Korea Spoon, 39 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 212-560-9696
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Maria Baniel

Maria Baniel, owner of the new Café & Wine Bar at Restaurant Village, recalls her month-old business taking off. A Long Valley resident for 20 years and unabashed wine lover.

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