Let's Hear Your Story

Do you have an intense personal story about how YOU conquered an insurmountable obstacle encountered while traveling on the Road of Life? If you do, then…

Let’s Hear Your Story!

Tony Lombardo and his wife Vivian are friends of GardenState Woman. Along with their three children, they are well versed in facing adversity. Tony, a talented athlete in his youth, has been afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty-eight years.

Rather than let the disorder overwhelm him, Tony has learned to successfully utilize his experience to help others. He has written a book with Craig Schwab entitled “On Both Sides of The Fence…How to Successfully Lead a Fulfilling Life Despite the Presence of Any Physical Challenge.”
As indicated in the subtitle, “On Both Sides of The Fence”  is a “how to” book which focuses on successfully leading a fulfilling life regardless of the type of physical challenge which has entered into your life.
With the help of Monmouth College students, Tony has created his web site: Let’s Hear Your Story (LHYS) at www.letshearyourstory.com. This inspirational site showcases stories written by others depicting how to fight and conquer adversity. The LHYS site also lists favorite music, poems, movies, books and links that have helped overcome their “hurdles.”
You must have a compelling story to share with the rest of us. Perhaps you know  someone who does. If so, please log onto Tony’s site to share it with him. Undoubtedly, this inspires countless individuals.
Thanks so much for sharing!
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