Jack Killion Entrepreneurial Scholarship – Application

Application Form

To apply for a Jack Killion Entrepreneurial Scholarship please complete the following form including your two references. They should use the Reference Form found next to this form. Once you have submitted your form you must contact your references and have them complete your reference. Once we have your completed form and both references, we will begin your evaluation. 

Candidate Information

Current Educational Information


Reference One

Reference Two

Please submit responses to the following questions in as much or little detail as you feel appropriate:

  • Describe your passion for being an entrepreneur
  • Describe your entrepreneurial efforts to date, what opportunity have you identified that needs addressed and how do your efforts address the opportunity?
  • Pertaining to your entrepreneurial efforts, what have been your biggest challenges and biggest achievements?
  • What is the most important lesson you have learned since becoming an entrepreneur?
  • How do you anticipate college helping in your entrepreneurial journey?

We welcome any supplemental materials / presentations that you have prepared in support of your venture.
Upload your answers and any other material as PDF files below.


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Referee Submission Form

Please write 1 – 2 page reference letter in support of the scholarship candidate.  Please ensure to cover the following topics in addition to anything else you feel the panelist should consider in their evaluation.

  • Relationship to the Candidate
  • Involvement (if any) with the entrepreneurial venture
  • Your perspective of the candidate’s dedication to their venture
  • How have you seen the candidate develop as a result of their entrepreneurial efforts

Please complete the folowing form and upload your reference letter as a PDF file in the File Upload space.

Candidate Information

Your Details

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