Successful Networking Tips

 Networking will significantly and permanently change your life for the better.

 It is as much about building a better life as it is about developing your career.

 If you are not networking your career development is being stunted….badly.

 Virtually everyone should be doing it including your kids, your parents and your grandparents. Business (or Connection) cards make great gifts!

If you have young kids teach them the importance of networking and how to do it. Start talking about networking at an early age, no reason not to start really early.

Its much more than swapping business cards and looking for the next “deal.”

If you are working and serious about your job and your career you should be meeting with at least 5 new relevant people a week which means probably spending up to 10 hours a week doing it.


Networking breakfast meetings work great, even ones on the weekend.

If you join a networking group pick one that really can work for you and then give it at least a year to bear fruit. It’s easy to spin wheels networking with the “wrong” group.


Even better than joining an already established networking group consider starting your own and inviting exactly the people you want to spend quality time with to join.


Expect to give more than you receive from your networking efforts. Most people really don’t “get it.” But somewhere along the line your networking efforts will really pay off.


  Don’t look for short term results. Networking is a process that takes time to bear fruit.


  Meeting new people is just the start, effective follow up on a long term consistent basis is key to  

  make networking pay-off. 


  Networking is a required life skill, every bit as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.

  Schools, at all levels, should teach it.


To be a successful networker you have to: genuinely like people; be motivated to help others, be interesting yourself, invest the effort into it, constantly be sharpening these skills.


Garden State Woman is writing a book about successful networking. Do you have any of your personal experiences to share with us that might be included in the book?


Or, if you are not comfortable with your own networking skills maybe we can help. We would like to hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









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