Selling Can Be Fun

Selling Can Be Fun. This is both a true statement for those with enough talent to succeed in a sales career and the title of a terrific, concise book written by Marty Rubin, a highly successful executive and owner of his own printing company, Spectraform– they serve primarily the community banking industry.

Marty excels at networking and developing win-win long term business relationships and friendships. To quote the last paragraph in his book: Remember that people buy from people that they like and trust. Selling is relationships. It is a challenge, well worth the effort, as a source of income and a reason to feel good about who you are. Selling Can Be Fun is a road map for developing a successful sales career

 Marty Rubin’s book starts with the very basics including talking about appearances and the importance of first impressions. The book goes on to focus on Show Time (the meeting with the target client), managing your time, pursuing the target account, the back up at headquarters needed for you to succeed, the importance of perseverance, staying visible with potential and current clients, holding onto customers, the importance of listening, the power of the ignored worker and the payback from thinking outside the box.

Marty positions his book as sharing his thoughts on what a beginner must understand and expect if she or he is to excel in a sales career. We think the book is much more….a resource for anyone either thinking about or already deep into a selling career. We can all learn from Marty’s wisdom.

Finding and developing truly top notch sales talent is one of the biggest challenges for any CEO or business owner. You can get a copy of Selling Can Be Fun by sending a check for $20 to:

Martin Rubin Spectraform 1634 East Elizabeth Avenue Linden, New Jersey 07036

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