Avani Jimenez

Avani C. Jimenez is an intern at the Garden State Woman Education Foundation. She is currently attending Rutgers University- Newark where she is majoring in English, minoring in Marketing, Writing, and Music, and is a student in the Honors College. 

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Young Women of Bergen County Receive Leadership Awards from The Community Chest

The Community Chest of Eastern Bergen County has announced the recipients of its fourth annual High School Young Women’s Leadership Awards program.

In response to the applicants of the program, Dr. Shelly Wimpfheimer, Executive Director of The Community Chest said, “We were very impressed with the caliber of the applicants for these leadership awards. Each demonstrated exceptional talents and a commitment to social justice causes. A tremendous need always exists for good leaders and especially now, young women with strong leadership abilities and a commitment to social consciousness are critical in our communities.”

A Solid Plan for a Solid Future. The Importance of Young Girls Taking Charge of Their Life.

The Garden State Woman Education Foundation (GSWEF) is an organization that pushes and aids young women to take charge of their futures. We see the significance of young girls taking control from an early age. By providing a platform for young girls to learn, plan, and think about their future careers and life goals, GSWEF supports and encourages young woman to be independent and successful achievers. Since 1998, GSWEF has catered to women with services aimed to support women in business, finance, and health. To further help young women thrive in life beyond school, GSWEF provides them with sensible information and advice, hosts career-related events, and provides academic scholarships that will aid them in their journey to success.

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation has been awarded a 2021 AARP Community Challenge Grant

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation (NNJCF), a not-for-profit organization based in Hackensack, NJ, has been awarded a 2021 AARP Community Challenge Grant.

AARP New Jersey aims to support the efforts of communities to become a great place for its residents. Their goal with the Community Challenge Grant is to give organizations the opportunity to create a project that will improve and support a community.

NNJCF is grateful to have received the 2021 AARP Community Challenge Grant, and will implement the “Women’s Mural Project: Celebrating Black Suffragists and Achievements of Black Women in Englewood.” This project will showcase the stories of Black women in Englewood and highlight their accomplishments.

A professional artist will design a groundbreaking mural on the wall of the Women’s Rights Information Center in Englewood, adding to the aestheticism of the city. Additionally, this project will bring the community together by involving residents to participate in the mural design through workshops that will teach them about the history of Black suffragists.

AARP New Jersey State Director, Stephanie Hunsinger expressed her enthusiasm for NNJCF's project. “We are incredibly excited to support the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation as they work to make immediate improvements in their community to encourage promising ideas and jumpstart long-term change.”

For more information about NNJCF, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit https://www.nnjcf.org

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