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Summer Fun

This coming weekend is one of the highlights of summer. It is an excuse to collect family and friends for a day of fun. The Fourth of July – mainly because of the fireworks – is a day of national celebration. This year there is the bonus of Monday as a day off from work. Red, White and Blue are the colors of the day. In true American style, tablecloths, napkins, paper plates and cups pick up the color motif. Food for the day usually calls for a barbeque of hamburgers, hot dogs, etc as well as corn on the cob and steamed clams.
Dessert can be watermelon or other seasonal fruits. In New Jersey, the garden state, we have lots of "Jersey Fresh" produce from local farm markets.
The holiday is celebrated as Independence Day. I think the holiday has additional meaning this year. As we celebrate, let's remember our men and women in harm's way around the world. Even though we celebrate the accomplishments that gave us our freedom, we owe today's service men and women a debt of gratitude. We remember the families who have made the ultimate sacrifice with the loss of loved ones. We salute our fellow citizens who have returned from combat wounded physically and emotionally. As we fly old glory – remember that the red, white and blue of the American Flag stands for all those freedoms that we hold dear. With all our shortcomings, we live in the greatest nation on earth. Happy Birthday America.
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Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman founded Garden State Woman, Inc. in 1998 and the Garden State Woman Education Foundation 501(c)3 in 2007. In recognition of the need for women everywhere, including New Jersey, to take firmer control of their futures and their families’ futures - in a world that is still not equally balanced between the opportunities and rewards provided men and women - for equal efforts in many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

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