Do You Think You Are Beautiful?

I recently read the book The New 10 by Dawn McIntyre which I received as a review copy. The cover line is "40 days to creating a boldly beautiful life from the inside out". The author explains her motivation for writing the book. "Believing that I was fat and ugly for the majority of my life, affected my sense of self-worth and self-esteem to the degree that I kept repeating self sabotaging patterns until even the pain of that became too unbearable. I began to witness the same patterns in women and teens all around me and so, in the name of all you women and teens, this program comes from my heart to yours."
Ms. McIntyre is a Professional Spiritual Intuitive leading men and women into higher states of expression and beauty consciousness.
Dawn begins the book remembering the first time she had heard a woman referred to as a "10." It was 1979 and Bo Derek became the "official" standard for beauty. It included being tall and blonde, having a golden tan, a killer smile and a body that looked dynamite in a bathing suit. That's about all there was – an outer beauty that created a global sensation. Men quickly began ranking the women they knew from 1 – 10. Women began to judge themselves by the same standards and began to care more about what they looked like rather than who they were. A number now defined our worth.
How much progress have we made since 1979? Have we successfully redefined beauty? What value system do we teach our children? Lots of food for thought and discussion.
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Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman founded Garden State Woman, Inc. in 1998 and the Garden State Woman Education Foundation 501(c)3 in 2007. In recognition of the need for women everywhere, including New Jersey, to take firmer control of their futures and their families’ futures - in a world that is still not equally balanced between the opportunities and rewards provided men and women - for equal efforts in many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

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