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This is "Not Lying"?

I seldom take the time to respond to articles with which I disagree but recently I did because I thought the proposed idea was destructive to anyone that might heed this advice.

A recent NAWBO SmartBrief (August 31, 2011) which crossed my desk contained advice under Best Practices that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Entitled "How to Ensure Your Startup Is a Success — No Matter What Happens" Penelope Trunk presents the theory that you should shape your start-up exit story to set up your next success. "...frame the story so it benefits you," writes Trunk. "No one needs to know whether the startup flopped or whether you were forced out, or if the company wasn't making money. The story you tell afterward can help you get what you want next. This is not lying. This is admitting that there are 10 versions of every story." (read the full text at BNET/The Windup.blog (8/29))

First of all, this advice shows an incredibly naïve knowledge of the information age that we live in. The idea that you can manipulate your history went out with whiteout. Secondly, there was a time when we were taught that honesty was the best policy. Because the internet and the national media massage the facts does not make it good practice for any individual trying to build a business.

I would like to have your opinion. Maybe I am just too old fashioned. Send me your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or better yet, let's get a debate going on LinkedIn.

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Judy Chapman

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