Elizabeth Taylor, Dead Sea Scrolls, Cakebox Café, Vegan Korean Restaurant – What to they have in common?

The commonality is me, Judy Chapman.  I had an amazing day yesterday in NYC. The day began, after getting a 7:45 am train from Gladstone,  at an event sponsored by Rothstein Kass.  To announce the results of a recent study of opportunities for women in alternative investments, the firm – hosted by partner Rosalie Mandel – invited key women in the financial sector to a private viewing of the auction items of Elizabeth Taylor. An impressive  collection of jewels, artwork and clothing.  The event included a wonderful  lunch and interesting program in connection with the LIFE program at Rothstein Kass.

Upon leaving Christies – even though  it was raining – I checked out the Christmas Tree and the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center.  Having time, and to get out of the rain,  I made my way toward the Discovery  Museum.  Would  you believe that in the sub basement of this building you can enjoy treats from the Cakebox!!  This is where the gift shop for the museum is located and also the Cakebox Café. Carlos is not just in Hoboken.

We had been invited to a private showing of a new exhibit at the Discovery Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is a dynamic, powerful exhibit which explores  the early history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and their common beliefs.   The collection of artifacts along with the remnants of the scrolls provides a picture of a much earlier time in our history.

To finish off the day, we found a Korean vegan restaurant on Park Avenue where we explored the menu and had a healthy dinner;  back to Long Valley and completion of a 17 hour day.

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Judy Chapman

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