Accept It - Technology is the Way to Go

One of the  important points that David Deutsch, Founder and CEO of SynergiSocial, emphasized at our Social Media Workshop last week was "Don't Fear Social Media". This is a tag line that David uses constantly in his training programs for corporate America. Like any new technology, it is important to understand it and learn how to use it effectively.  The point was also reinforced by our second presenter, Ken Morris, as he described how to use LinkedIn effectively.  David shared his expertise with Facebook.

It is amazing how much depth there is to these programs once you understand their capabilities.

The four hour program held at FDU flew by. In addition to meeting up with some "old" – meaning previous – friends, we welcomed some first timers to a Garden State Woman Education Foundation event.  The general consensus seemed to me – MORE!.

Another new technology experience for me happened later that night when I was interviewed for the internet by Hanging with David and Dave.  You can find this on YouTube.

I guess the message is that we may as well accept the fact that this is the way we will all be communicating and we should get up to speed. Good luck!

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Judy Chapman

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