George came to live with us

George George

George came to live with us in February. He was 8 months old. Normally I would not advise taking a puppy in winter because it is too hard to housebreak them. George (aka Wrinkles or Dodger) was adopted on the condition that our eight year old German Shepherd, Faith, would accept him as a member of her family. Faith is very particular about whom she wants around and there was no reason to expect that she would welcome George. This introduction required a definite strategy.
The plan was to have them both on leases outside when we made the initial introduction. Faith welcomed George with a bellowing German Shepherd greeting that made it very clear who was the Alpha animal. George seemed unimpressed. Once in the house, George was crated and Faith was free to check the situation out. George was obviously not afraid of her – in fact tried to lick her thru the crate door.
We have had experience with many different dogs over the years. We have never associated with a bull dog except as Yale and Georgetown mascots. Before George arrived we read as much about bullies as we could find. They are a different personality than any dog that I have known. They speak through their eyes – with such a lovable face, you have a tendency to overlook their faults. George is a compulsive chewer – anything is fair game. He will consume the most disgusting stuff and then want to give you a warm and loving lick. He is single minded and moves on his own time. Now that they are friends, he loves to play with Faith. He thinks she is a small bull and he practices his moves on her. She seems amused by him and periodically puts him in his place.
The point of this reflection is – be open to try new things. You may be surprised that you might just have some fun. I have learned to have a 40 lb lap dog whenever I sit down. George is fearless and I think that is what attracts Faith.

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