New Year’s Resolution – How long will it last.

It is totally okay to put together a list of New Year's Resolutions that you can diligently break. This year my family decided that it would be a good idea if I paid attention to my health and made a NYR (new year's resolution) that I would keep.

So far, so good. It is the first week of January 2015 and I am still enthusiastic about my new project. It is entirely new to me. Something I have never tried. Even though it is a stretch (literally), it is new and different. Found a place locally that feels good so we will see how it goes. More to follow in my next blog.

Remember the Birds!

Another important NYR is to make sure my bird feeders are well stocked every day. Unfortunately a large flock of starlings have found me and they are eating all the sun flower seeds I am putting out for the cardinals. I have 3 beautiful male cardinals that come to the feeders. I have also discovered that peanuts seem to be a favorite of many of the birds so am keeping the shelled peanut holder well filled. Suet is being consumed at a record pace by the woodpeckers as well as the starlings. The birds no longer care if I invade their territory on my deck. They fly off and return as soon as I go inside. It is possible to spend lots of time waiting to see who comes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This NYR will be easy to keep – as long as I remember to do my bird shopping.

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