8th annual Yale University Women’s Leadership Conference

As Founder of Garden State Woman LLC and Garden State Woman Education Foundation. I have been invited to participate in the 8th annual Yale University Women’s Leadership Conference in New Haven, Ct in February.

A distinguished panel of women leaders will discuss: WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN: FULL TIME. Topics include: Why have you devoted your career to helping women? In your work, what do you see as the biggest challenges women are facing? What does “women empowering women” mean to you? Where do you see the future of women’s empowerment in 20 years?

Garden State Woman has been an advocate for empowering women for eighteen years. We focus on women who are role models. I frequently hear “if she can do that so can I.” Often what women lack to move forward is the confidence to take risks.

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Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman founded Garden State Woman, Inc. in 1998 and the Garden State Woman Education Foundation 501(c)3 in 2007. In recognition of the need for women everywhere, including New Jersey, to take firmer control of their futures and their families’ futures - in a world that is still not equally balanced between the opportunities and rewards provided men and women - for equal efforts in many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

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