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A Top Astrologist from New Jersey


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Linda Schurman
We recently spent a weekend in Ithaca, NY with Linda Schurman, a leading astrologist, and her husband, Dick. Dick is an old kindergarten friend of my husband’s who goes back to the era of no TV, trolley cars for commuting, cars with rumble seats, vinyl records instead of CDs, dial-up instead of cell phone and White Castle as the only fast food chain around!

Linda is an amazing person with unique abilities that she has developed over the past 35 years studying and practicing astrology. Linda’s web site is www.soothesayer.com where she publishes her highly interesting and hugely important web site newsletter. In June 2007 she published her first book What Next which outlined some of her world-wide concerns at the time.

Using her astrology skills Linda anticipated: the timing and severity of an event like the 9/11 attack, the 2008 meltdown of the global financial markets and the earthquakes and volcano eruptions that we are currently seeing throughout the world.

Linda sees a third political party forming and anticipates a spike in violence and civil disobedience in America. She is concerned about the food supply world-wide and sources of water in the U.S. and globally which is one of the compelling reasons that triggered Linda and Dick to move to Ithaca from Voorhees, NJ back in late 2008. She believes that we all have to become a lot more entrepreneurial in many of our efforts and take greater responsibility for our own well being.

Linda has a robust consulting practice using her astrology skills to advise individual and corporate clients throughout the world on dealing with all kinds of issues challenging them. The majority of her client work is handled by phone rather than in person. The most successful client relationships are ones that result in annual discussions and re-readings by Linda.

For a full reading (analysis of the Natal Chart plus a forecast for one year that takes about 2 1/2 hrs) the fee is $150.00. For a forecast for one year alone that takes about 1 1/2 hrs. is $95.00. The readings are done over the phone and recorded from Linda’s end. Tapes are provided to the client.

Websites people can go to about astrology are: NCGR.com, astrology.com and astrodeinst.com. The best astrology magazine on the market by far is: The Mountain Astrologer. This is in print and online. NCGR will recommend a course study and books for beginners in astrology. Linda maintains that “most people are not really interested in studying astrology these days because it is highly complex.”

Linda is currently booked by clients two to three months ahead. Because of the preparation required and the intensity of Linda’s work she can handle no more than two client sessions per day.

Garden State Woman recommends you visit Linda’s web site, read her book and consider booking a session with her either for yourself or for someone very close to you, what an interesting surprise present a reading would be!

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