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An Option for Pain Management

DrMainDrawing on three decades of experience as a successful chiropractor, Dr. Doug Main of Parsippany (morriscountylaser.com) offers new hope with a unique approach to pain management with two options: Laser and Decompression Pain Relief. If you have back, neck or disc problems, you may be a candidate for these advanced therapies.

Laser therapy helps neck pain, back pain and disc problems. Laser therapy stimulates healing, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and improves flexibility. The most advanced laser that Dr. Main uses is called K-Laser. Decompression Therapy is for spinal discs that are bulged, herniated, or degenerated. It helps back pain, sciatica, numbness, neuropathy, stenosis and failed back surgery. During decompression treatment deep traction is slowly applied and released with computer controlled equipment to relieve disc pressure and stimulate healing. Most patients have found Decompression to be painless, even "relaxing".

Testimonials from patients who have been helped by these treatments support the growing trend and interest in alternatives to invasive surgery. With the focus of health care moving toward prevention, increasing numbers of individuals are looking toward the benefits associated with chiropractic care.

Comments from people that Dr. Main has helped:

I had back and leg pain and two doctors suggested surgery. After laser and decompression, the pain is almost gone. Norman L.

I suffered with low back pain for years. An MRI showed 2 large herniations. After spinal decompression therapy my condition improved, allowing me to resume tennis and skiing, activities which I had been unable to do for years. Three years after my treatment, my back remains asymptomatic. A recent MRI showed no sign of the larger herniation and a significant reduction in the size of the second one. Two years ago I developed severe pain in my thumbs, and was diagnosed with arthritis. Dr. Main recommended laser therapy. After a few sessions my pain was almost gone, and the mobility in my joints was restored. The relief was lasting, and now six months later I continue to feel almost no pain, despite the constant abuse of typing. - Anca I.

For eight years I had back pain. I tried chiropractors and physical therapy. Dr. Main used decompression and the pain was 100% better. Eric R.

I had back pain for ten years. Dr. Main used equipment that takes pressure off the disc. I have drastic improvement. Glen B.

Dr. Main will schedule a free consultation and examination to determine what approach will help you and provide you with a treatment plan from which you can base your decisions. Each case is different and he will discuss the case fee and insurance that is applicable.

Dr. Main is married with two sons, one a university student and his oldest son has been exploring a career in martial arts fighting. Dr. Main has been around the world twice. He is also an avid golfer.

Dr. Main's interest in the practice of chiropractic traces to his youth when he first saw the healing potential of this type of medicine. Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on the relationship between the body's structure – mainly the spine – and its functioning. Although practitioners may use a variety of treatment approaches, they primarily perform adjustments (manipulations) to the spine or other parts of the body with the goal of correcting alignment problems, alleviating pain, improving function, and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Today, testimonial by high profile spokesmen such as NFL superstar and Dancing With the Stars winner, Jerry Rice validates the role that chiropractic care can provide. "I did a lot of things to stay in the game, but regular visits to my chiropractor were the most important." More information can be found on www.yes2chiropractic.com.

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