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Capacity Crowd Attended the 5th Annual Business Education and Career Summit

Capacity Crowd Attended the 5th Annual Business Education and Career Summit

A capacity crowd of students, guidance counselors and parents attended the 5th Annual Business Education and Career Summit at the Rutgers Business School, Newark. (RBS) Organized in cooperation with RBS, the Garden State Woman Education Foundation invited successful women in business to share their professional and personal experiences.

Keti Mehta, PCC – Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President of co-sponsor Hub International Group Northeast,Inc – spoke on the topic: The Art of the Pivot.

Christine A. Cox, LUTCF – Vice President of co-sponsor International Planning Alliance, LLC. – spoke on the topic: The Entrepreneurial Female: Networking Your Way From Pre K To Today.

Judy Chapman, Founder of GSWEF, welcomed the group and introduced Emily Killion, Senior Account Supervisor, Edelman, NYC who served as Facilitator for two separate panels comprised of women in business. Carla Carter of Cornell Insurance Services; Stela Lupushor, co-founder of Frame.Work, Inc and Bims Daniells of United Health Group all shared professional and personal career experiences.

Participating on the second panel were Bria Barnes, an English teacher at Pingry Middle School; Niva Patel, a high school senior and founder of SuiteGirl, and Hetal Jani, founder of SPEAK Mentorship.

The third panel, Facilitated by Assistant Dean at RBS  Sangeeta Rao, Ph.D, was current RBS students, Kemdi O’Koro; Kimberly Lu; Paige Johnson and Yossy Montecinos.

After lunch an Interactive Exercise was held by RBS students in WOMEN BUILD.

The Admissions Office and Charles Brown, Assistant Dean of Diversity at RBS concluded the program.

More than 90students completed Evaluation Sheets. Results attached.

Saturday’s event was another home run based on feedback collected from students and participants.

The event should be an important recruiting tool for RU’s Newark Business School

Evaluation Questions:

Did the program increase your interest in

Studying business in college                                   Attending Ru Business School

`               46% Yes                                                                               4% Yes

                34% Probably                                                                    36% Probably

                20% Not Sure                                                                     60% Not sure

On a scale of 0 to 5 (top ranking) the two keynote speaker scored the highest with the highest percentage of 4s and 5s

                Keti                                        88%

                Christine                              80%

                Student Panel                    75%

                Panel #1                               69%

                Panel #2                               69%

                Panel #3 (RU Students) 69%

                Interactive exercise        59%

Would you recommend the program to your school?

                77% said yes

                23% said maybe

                  0% said no

Following are a few comments from speakers

Jack and Judy, The pleasure was all mine. I had such a great time sharing my story. Everyone has one! I am excited to see the evaluations and learn where I can improve. And thank you for welcoming my husband and daughter. She had a great time. In her words she said, "Mommy can we do this everyday? !" I'll have to find a way to let her see what I do for a living more often as I intend to instill her with good values and see that she can be a successful and driven woman someday. Christine

It was my honor and pleasure to help you create powerful and inspiring memories for the young ladies! Special Congratulations to you both for making this happen and pulling a dynamic program together. We live to give it back and pay it forward to these rising stars. Thank you for letting me share in your very special program. I’ll look very much forward to seeing you on March 1st:) Additionally, I was thrilled to hear the theme of “Art of the Pivot” carry thru the rest of the program. If it sticks and helps them weather the changing landscapes of life....then we would have truly empowered them. All my best to you both. Warmest Regards, Keti

Jack and Judy, Am so humbled that you’ve invited me to be part of this program and so grateful for the opportunity to share my story. I got so inspired by everyone else’s stories - there are so many amazing women out there and they succeed because someone believes in them. Thank you for everything you do for these young ladies, for believing in their amazing potential, and for creating the space where they can be inspired.  Looking forward to other opportunities to support this mission and to collaborate on all sorts of fronts. Thank you Stela 

Evaluation Form Comments:  Rutgers Business Education and Career Summit – February 24, 2018

91 responses:

One word to summarize your reaction to the program:

 Interesting, Enlightening, Informative, eye-opening, Just Wow!  Empowering, Organized/Professional, Motivating, Inspired, Cool, Helpful, Insightful, Amazing, Educational, Persuasive, Beneficial, Captivating, Path finding, Useful, WOOOO.


  • Loved it…Thank you for encouraging young women to be successful.
  • Thank you for the motivation to continue business and lean new things too.
  • I didn’t know what to major in this upcoming college semester, but now I know.
  • It was helpful to find out  more  about the topic and learn more about it.
  • It was really interesting to listen to other people’s success, hardships and advice.
  • It is fun but I wish the first part included students more. I also thought that there would be notes involved but this has been cool.
  • I  appreciate all the speakers talking about their stories – very motivational.
  • The program allowed me to understand more about business and how to prepare for a possible career in business.
  • I found this program very informative and inspirational. I really learned a lot!
  • It was entertaining and it helped me gain more confidence to pursue business.
  • It was very informative.
  • It was very insightful and increased my interest in pursuing a career in the business workforce.
  • Today’s program was very informative and I felt motivated to try new things.
  • Wish there was time to speak with students and presenters.
  • It provided me with new information about how one field of business can be like.
  • This program really helped me realize what I want to do. I was really confused at my future career choices, but this helped a lot.
  • I really enjoyed this seminar. I would have liked to gain more info about business though.
  • I enjoyed being here.
  • I really appreciate all these programs RBS has to offer! Really useful information.
  • I was surprised and empowered. It was awesome, especially since it was only women. That made me feel as if women really were expanding.
  • I felt very inspired, it was great.
  • It was interactive and fun – a great opportunity!
  • I believe it was inspiring and made me more knowledgeble about College.
  • Happy I attended.  It was wonderful, the speeches motivated me a lot. Hopefully 1 day I’ll give a speech at this program.
  • I heard things that I really needed to hear today. Thank you.
  • I liked that there was food.
  • Good food, thanks.
  • It was very helpful and had REALLY good advice.
  • It was a good program!!
  • I was hesitant on coming to the program but it was free so I went and it was 10 times better than I expected and it was truly inspiring to see diverse women making a life for themselves.
  • Thanks for the food. We enjoyed the pasta quite a bit!
  • I felt inspired to go outside my comfort zone and get involved.
  • I loved the inspiring speeches, it helped me think more about my future.
  • I really loved the speakers and their journeys that they shared with us.
  • It was great and fun -= loved it!!
  • The food was good.
  • Good food, good company


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