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Credit and Credit Scoring

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It seems ludicrous to me that credit scoring companies have big budgets for tv advertsing to tell us how important our credit score is. Is this a disconnect? Worrying about your credit score is another attempt at manipulating us. With many wondering how to just make the mortgage payment, why should we also be worrying about our credit score? Most of us want to get out of debt not take on more. For years, the US economy has thrived on the backs of the middle class and credit. Now the economy needs to find something else to stimulate it other than the willingness of Americans to exist on credit.

The thought for the week is: What is your five year plan to get out of debt and send the whole concept of being manipulated by my credit score out the window? Any suggestions? Regsiter with Judy's Circle and share your thoughts with other readers.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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