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Surprisingly, some hospitals don’t make basics, including address or phone number, easy to find. Or they only come into view by scrolling down a page to very light-colored, almost invisible lettering that can easily be missed.

Rankings and Grades

If you’re a mom, you wouldn’t be pleased if your kids brought home report cards with grades such as those top hospitals got.
• 9.0-10.0 – the highest. Not one hospital qualified!
• 8-8.9: Only five percent.
• 7-7.9: 31.0 percent
• Anything below 6.9 was failing – so 64.0 percent (128) of the total 200 didn’t even pass!
Five New Jersey hospitals are included in the U.S. News survey. Their grades are:
Hackensack Medical - 6.1
Kessler Institute - 7.1 (the only one with a passing grade)
Lehigh Valley Health Network - 3.9 (listed in New Jersey even though, technically, it’s in Pennsylvania)
Robert Wood Johnson - 6.9
St. Barnabas – 6.4


Since the primary source of news and information today is the Internet, it’s up to visitors (us) to pressure hospitals to improve sites that don’t provide needed information. Just mount a note on LinkedIn or YouTube for local hospital marketing directors, pressuring them to clean up their web sites and make them visitor-centric. A hospital won’t make changes unless they know what visitors find wrong, so it’s up to visitors to tell them.

Submitted by: Margot Teleki  President  CopyWrite Marketing Group LLC. (973) 377-8871


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