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Garden State Woman Launches Networking Workshops

"You must be on cloud 9 knowing the impact you've made."

That was the overall tone of the feedback received from attendees at Garden State Woman's May 20th networking workshop.


As a result of the May 20th success, Garden State Woman is launching a new service to empower organizations in New Jersey. We believe so much in the power of networking that we are offering a half day networking workshop to organizations recognizing the bottom line benefits that they will achieve by having their key people become more effective networkers and skilled at building win-win relationships. Attendees will also learn how networking enriches their personal lives. For further information contact Judy Chapman, founder of Garden State Woman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(pictured L-R: Christina Young, Joan Tucker, Michelle Swaby, Trista Huang, Rosemarie Berman)


On May 20th we held Garden State Woman's 1st event specifically aimed at teaching and motivating women (and a few men brave enough to show up) how to network more effectively both to achieve greater professional success and to enrich personal lives.

Joining us at this break-through event were lawyers, CPAs, educators, financial advisors, business owners, non-profit leaders, consultants and recent college graduates just launching their careers.

Hosted by Judy Chapman, the key speaker was successful networker, Jack Killion - General Partner of Eagle Rock Partners, and advisor to Garden State Woman.

We plan to host an even more extensive networking workshop in the Fall. Hope you can join us then.

Feedback from our May event has been amazing:

(pictured L-R: Xin Chen, Ling Chen, Michele Begina)
"You must be on cloud 9 knowing the impact you've made. You definitely touched some lives on Friday morning. For me, you confirmed that making and getting to know people (via networking) is the way for me to continue going. I related to the way you network, things you do and how you connect with people. You also convinced me to get out there a lot more! Two of the participants gave me much amazing feedback that it's clear I have not been seeing myself as other do. What a confidence boost!"

"I just had to tell you what a rewarding experience it was for me to attend your seminar on networking this morning! I learned a lot. I left the meeting this morning feeling like "the old me." For that, I will always be grateful and I hope someday I can return the favor!"

"I really enjoyed today's networking seminar! Thanks so much for a great job! I walked away with a good sized personal to-do list",

"Thank you so much for having me as your guest at the networking conference this morning. I really learned a lot and I am so glad I got to be a part of such an influential event. You are an amazing speaker."

"What a wonderful morning! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing their stories and look forward to connecting with each and every one of them. I actually received a few emails yesterday afternoon from some of the members and that was so refreshing, it's usually me doing the pursuing! You are right; we should have had 100 people there."

"It was a great pleasure to attend the seminar last Friday. It was an opportunity to reacquaint myself with Garden State Woman and take away the focus to reenergize my networking efforts."

"I really enjoyed the seminar on last Friday. I learned a lot from you and other speakers. Like you said, networking is not only essential for business, but also it is also beneficial for our personal lives. When we network, we will have a chance to know people and learn from people who might be very different from us. The women I met last Friday are amazing. From their short speeches, I am really encouraged by the way they live and the way they think."

I am very grateful that I was able to hear you speak. The life experiences that you shared with us has give me such motivation, which I shared with my family.

(pictured L-R: Andrea Reiter, JoAnn Dixon, Michelle Kaplan, Deirdre Joyce)
"Thank you for a meaningful workshop on Friday. I spent the weekend processing your messages and have decided to take action on two fronts that I have been toying with. Being open, taking action, and remembering that most people want to contribute to others and help are the main messages I got out of your lecture. I am truly grateful for the experience and I appreciate your time to offer these gentle reminders."

"It was a great morning. I left feeling inspired. I have been coming up with ideas to incorporate your suggestions into my business all weekend and can't wait to put them into practice. Thank you!!!"

"I had a great time, and this workshop made me realize that I really need to work harder at networking."

To top it off 100% of the attendees indicated:

• They were glad they came
• It was an important learning opportunity for them
• The event met their expectations
• They would recommend it to their friends and colleagues
• Our speaker was knowledgeale and informative.

Specifically, attendees indicated they learned

• If you don't plan it (networking), it won't happen
• Be open to new opportunities
• Opportunities are everywhere
• Be open minded, not judgmental
• How to break the ice
• Overcoming fears about networking
• Cold calling is OK and important
• Get out of your comfort zone
• Network at every opportunity

For further information contact Judy Chapman, founder of Garden State Woman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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