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Happy Holidays

On behalf of the trustees of the Garden State Woman Education Foundation we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the friends of Garden State Woman who have supported our efforts this year. In these tough economic times we are especially grateful for so many loyal friends.

Just like many small business, it is a challenge to keep the doors open. It would be easy to say  "This is too hard." After more than twelve years of basically being the voice of New Jersey women, we know how important this work is. It will be increasingly important in 2011, particularly in getting out solid information about the trends in health care. We are putting together a conference on April 30, 2011 that promises to be unique. Innovations in health care will be the theme. The delivery of health care is changing. Many believe the future of health care is technology. We all recognize that major changes are before us as we all struggle to come to grips with escalating costs.

One thing is certain. Each individual is going to be expected to take personal responsibility for lifestyle choices that affect their health. Prevention is the word. Being a smart consumer is key to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Ingredients that help us age gracefully include: an active, inquisitive mind; low levels of stress; an awareness of family health issues; a balanced diet and a regular exercise plan. These are the minimum ingredients that need to be in your life.
As you get ready for a New Year, make resolutions that you will keep. Give your health and your family's health the top resolution. We plan to give you lots of encouragement and tips, so keep clicking on gswoman.com for support of your healthy lifestyle.

A personal note. It is impossible to express my appreciation to The Provident Bank Foundation for the on going financial support they have provided to the Garden State Woman Education Foundation. Their grants have enabled us to continue to provide scholarship aid to six inner city girls studying at Rutgers New Brunswick. These students are amazing and their work ethic enviable. People helping people is the distinguishing characteristic of the human race. Happy Holidays.

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Friday, 08 December 2023
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