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Begin right now to live a heart healthy life:

• Exercise, exercise, exercise!!!
• Consult with your doctor about a heart healthy diet that's right for your lifestyle and health.
• If you're a smoker, S-T-O-P! Immediately. There are many successful smoking cessation programs out there. Join them and save Y-O-U-R life!
• If you drink in excess of what your doctor feels is right for you, lower your alcohol intake. Moderate drinking is okay, but consult your doctor for his definition of moderate drinking.
• If you suffer from hypertension of any kind, take up yoga, meditation, or a similar program that teaches you to relax, and through which you learn to calm your nerves and keep balanced.
• Have relaxing massages periodically.
• Look into reiki and semei – alternative types of healing.
• If you're a couch potato, get up and move around. It's not only better for your heart: it's better for your brain and memory.
• Look into acupuncture for hypertension, addictive habits and relaxation.
• High triglyceride levels – a harmful type of body fat – must be controlled with your doctor's help, as they add to your cholesterol which increases your chances of blocked arteries – heart attack or stroke.

Here's to your healthy heart! A healthy woman with a healthy heart is a happy woman.

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