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Helmet Diving

Jack and the Helmet Diver would be a great Holiday gift for any young boy or girl ages 4-8. Written by Vincent Scarponi, a friend of Garden State Woman, the book is Vincent’s step by step description of helmet diving with great photographs. Kids will love the book because it introduces them to an underwater world they might not otherwise get exposure to.

Motivated by his dad, a WW II Navy Seabee salvage diver, Vincent, a Master Diver, has spent many, many years honing his helmet diving skills including rescue, search & recovery, wreck, deep, ice and commercial. Vincent is one of the state’s top underwater recovery divers. Vincent’s day job is owning and managing two New Jersey funeral homes, one in Lebanon and one in High Bridge.
The young “Jack” in the title of the book is Jack Dabb, a neighbor friend who developed his interest in helmet diving the first time he visited Vincent’s home and saw the helmet. Jack’s older brother Jonah also wants to be a helmet diver when he gets older
The book is illustrated with 47 color photographs and short paragraphs that take the reader through the whole helmet diving process from checking the equipment, suiting up and exploring the underwater world while feeding the fish.


To order “Jack and the Helmet Diver” send check or money order for $46 including S&H. Plus NJ residents add 7% sales tax to:

Vincent Scarponi
26 Main Street
Lebanon, NJ 08833
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Tuesday, 26 September 2023
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