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How to be Lazy, Selfish and Guilt Free

J-CargillGrowing up in my Irish Catholic household found me as a little girl at confession on Saturday afternoons. I had 2 "sins" ready to go each week, laziness and selfishness. Not wanting to share the last piece of Chocolate cake with my little sister was sort of selfish; however I really LOVED chocolate cake. Day dreaming or getting lost in a good book when I could be doing something "productive" was just a bit lazy according to my Grandmother Mamie.

As I've grown older, I've gradually learned to redefine these words for myself -- I've come to see laziness and selfishness as "virtues".

As women in this day and age, we seem to hold ourselves to impossible standards; we've become Marge-in-charge of everyone else's comfort. Don't wait until the people in your life have what they want first -- you'll be waiting in the sun for a very long time.


It's time to allow ourselves to learn a new way of being. It's time for a new story, where the old definitions of laziness and selfishness are expanded to include these notions:

I love this one. Sometimes we just need to be "lax"! Lax is defined as loose, slack, not tight or strict or exact. Sounds like a winner to me! I need lots of practice, just saying.....

Definition: To make or feel young again. Not in age, but in spirit. It is about play, fun, and delight. It's about bringing life back into ourselves again. It's about saying YES! to the radical idea that sometimes life CAN be all about me!

One of my personal favorites. I love helping women discover a fresh way of seeing themselves. A nifty new haircut, a fabulous pair of earrings, finally buying that great pair of boots that you know will just go with everything and make you feel so up-to-date and trendy can be a real boost. While we are at it we can make sweeping changes on our insides by deciding we are perfect, whole and complete. Take off the old negative "outfit" and put on the new positive attire- "I Look and feel Damn Good", just saying that out loud in the mirror works wonders.

Please don't wait to take time for #1. As my dear old grandmother, Mamie O'Neil was fond of saying, "Do it now, you'll be dead a long time."

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