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Interview with Fashion Reporter Ariana Rebello, Host of I Don’t Have Style Either


Ariana Rebello, fashion reporter, lifestyle host, and producer of the online show I Don't Have Style Either, is an expert in lifestyle and fashion. Rebello is passionate about fashion, however, as a first-generation American of Indian descent, she noticed the lack of representation and diversity of South Asian heritage in the industry. She aims to promote fashion in a way that fosters diversity, inclusivity, and inspiration.

In an interview with the Garden State Woman Education Foundation, Rebello explained her career path and her goals of pushing more representation of South Asians in fashion.

  • How did you begin your career path in fashion and what led you to advocating for inclusivity in fashion?

"I started my career path working in a college radio station," she began. "I had a show where I was interviewing various celebrities who I found to be quite intriguing. During my time as host, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Maria Thattil, who was crowned Miss Universe Australia 2020. Both being of Indian descent, we had this amazing conversation about what it was like growing up in an environment that's demographically white and being a South Asian person in that environment. We discussed the struggles, trials, and tribulations we and others that share the same experience go through. When I was offered the opportunity to work for the network I currently work for, NY2C, they let me choose the subject I wanted to focus on. As I already had an interest in fashion, which I got from my mom, I decided to go the fashion route and to specifically make the industry more inclusive for everybody." 

  • What are your observations as to why there is still so little South Asian representation in the fashion industry?

"There is more and more representation every single day. People continue to fight for diversity and inclusion. But I think that there is a still little representation because the people that run the show aren't ready to see things that they're uncomfortable with or afraid of you, things that they're not used to. But there's so much beauty and culture in South Asian Pacific heritage and other cultures that I want to promote. I look forward to bringing that beauty out further into the world."

  • How are you pushing for more South Asian representation in fashion through your work?

"I shot the first ever South Asian Fashion Week in New York City when they did their first season. I made sure to go to nearly every single show so that I could get coverage of Pakistani, Bengali, and Indian, designers. I also specifically try to interview South Asian actors, whether it's on a red carpet, at Tribeca Film Festival, or a scheduled one-on-one interview. I just love to hear their stories, so I make the extra effort to include them on my show."

  • What is the overarching goal of I Don't Have Style Either?

"The name is the show, and the show is the name. It's supposed to be a really fun and safe place where you can learn about fashion, and you don't have to feel that, because you're not some big trendsetter, that you don't have style. Style is so subjective. The big picture is to gain confidence because you are not the clothes, the clothes are you. Fashion is an expression of identity, and that idea is what I try to promote on my show."

Check out Ariana Rebello's online show I Don't Have Style Either here. Follow Rebello on Instagram here.

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