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Job Search Wisdom From A Classic Children's Story...

CarolCamerinoRuth Krauss' The Carrot Seed tells the journey of a little boy and his gardening adventure. Said boy plants a carrot seed and waits for the magic to happen. Despite some familial pessimism about whether the seed will actually develop into anything, the boy dutifully tends his garden; watering, weeding and watching. When there are no signs of growth, what does the boy do? Well, he keeps watering, weeding and watching. Eventually, a sprout appears and the boy is ultimately rewarded with a rather tasty-looking carrot! Ahh...success :-)

I loved sharing this book with my kids, and used it in my classroom when I taught preschool. It never failed to open discussions beyond the actual story as The Carrot Seed is about so much more than gardenting or planting. It's about solidarity of purpose, resilience, delayed gratification, power of focus & intention, and faith.

These principles also happen to be integral to a successful journey back to work. As a Comeback Mom, you spend time writing and customizing resumes, creating cover letters, updating skills and knowledge, networking.... Like the boy in Krauss' classic story, you may not immediately see any evidence of progress. And family and friends may not provide you with the encouragement you desire.

But...stay the course. Pace yourself, maintain your stamina, and keep on keeping on. The boy in the story didn't plant the seed, water it once, and sit back waiting. He continued to tend his garden, even when he couldn't see results. And you'll continue to move forward with your job search strategies, gathering insights, networking, polishing skills, and possibly reaching out for assistance in the form of workshops, job clubs, or coaching, even when signs of progress are not visible.

You will eventually see results. And, with perseverence and patience, your garden will bloom, too.

Carol Camerino, Career Coach & Strategist
Job Seekers - Looking For the On Ramp

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