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Jump Starting Your Career

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This interview with Joe Caso, head of his own executive search and career counseling firm, is for women either wanting to get back into the work force at a “reasonable” level or wanting to jump start their career again by changing jobs and moving on. We invite other career counselors to share their expertise and guidance with our viewers.


GSW:  For women who have been downsized or out of the job market for some time what do you recommend be their game plan for getting back working at a “reasonable” level? What specific things should they focus on doing over the next 60 to 90 days to create a new opportunity for themselves?


Joe:     When you say “reasonable level”, I assume you mean dollar level.  Being realistic is the key.  Most job seekers are aware of the terrible strain in the employment market today and are willing to make monetary sacrifices to land a new position.  I am a firm believer in making sacrifices “within limits”.  If a candidate is willing to take too little in compensation they may also have to step way back in responsibility.  That has its own set of pitfalls.  If the employer wants to “steal” a candidate they are setting themselves up for a problem down the road.  The correct answer is a reasonable compromise between the candidate and the company.  What I mean is that a candidate may choose to take a little less money for the opportunity to get back to work, but they should see the potential to make additional income and return to their former compensation in some reasonable time frame.  If they feel that the company is looking for a bargain hire with no future potential, a candidate should think long and hard about the overall decision to join the organization.  It’s always best to have clearly defined expectations on both sides. 


As far as the creating a new opportunity goes, networking is still the way a majority of candidates secure a new position.  While I feel it’s important to use all available resources in a job search, candidates need to develop a personal marketing plan for their transition with heavy emphasis on networking.  


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