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Living Younger, Kettle Bells and Networking

 From a career point of view networking with quality people is always a good thing, make that an essential thing. Recently the Garden State Woman Education Foundation hosted one of their quarterly networking and learning events at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. Over 50 NJ professional, corporate and business owning women attended.

  • Dr. Lorraine Maita from Short Hills shared her expertise on how we can all "Live Younger Longer." Obviously the audience was sitting on the edge of their chair for this discussion!
  • Jenny Rosselli, one of New Jersey's few certified kettle bells instructors with a training facility in Fairfield, gave a short overview on the history of kettles bells (they originated in Russia) and then had the audience on their collective feet watch her demonstrate her exercises.

The peer to peer networking was exceptional. Written feedback from attendees all rated the event as outstanding. The learning portion of the evening was special with the two featured presenters.

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Jenny started off her kettle bells discussion talking about how she came across kettle bells in her quest to get back in better shape, i.e. lose weight, get stronger and have more energy following the birth of her second child. Using the Weight Watchers program had helped knock off the weight and traditional ways of exercising but Jenny didn't feel completely back in shape. Initially intimidated by the thought of using kettles bells Jenny became more comfortable after speaking with a kettle bells user from the Secret Service and after Googling Kettle Bells for Women.  Now Jenny has taken her genuine belief in kettles bells as an effective way for almost everyone to develop themselves physically. She has started, along with a partner, a kettle bells fitness center in Fairfield. Many of the women at this networking event already have started training with Jenny.  


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During her demonstration Jenny emphasized how virtually everyone can benefit from using kettle bells. She mentioned her 7 year old daughter exercises with them as do 65 year old clients. Jenny went through a series of exercises that she does with the kettle bells in getting a good cardio workout, building stronger bones and greater strength and keeping her weight under control. All of the exercises Jenny showed the group stem from the core exercise called "the swing."  

You can learn more by visiting the following two web sites: www.howtoliveyounger.com and www.njkettlebells.com.

Watch for information on future Garden State Woman quarterly networking events.

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