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Look Carefully at "Sale" Items

As we move into the thick of the holiday gift shopping season I would like to share a shopping tip.

Look carefully at the stores who are discounting sharply. I have noticed that the "sale items" seem to have their original price inflated to the extent that the discounted or sale price just brings the cost down to where it was originally. For example, I was in a shop this weekend looking at men's sweaters. The tag read $350 with a 70% discount, bringing the cost of the sweater to $105 which is more realistic than $350. That pricing is not particularly competitive but it is an effective come on to get you in the store. The issue for all of us is "time". It is disturbing that marketing people have so little respect for consumers that they will contrive to attract customers hoping that they will believe the hype that the store is doing something to help consumers in a tough economy. I think the old adage "buyer beware" is particularly relevant in 2010.

On a happier note, try to have a stress free pre Holiday adventure, don't waste time shopping – accept the fact that you cannot win – have a budget and pick out gifts you like. Remember to have fun.

Smiles ....while driving down Rte 78 recently jockeying for position on the 3 lane speedway, we came upon a conservative driver who had a license plate that made us smile, OGROWUP. We can think of many instances where this applies, but Road Rage is certainly one.

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Sunday, 02 April 2023
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