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Morristown (NJ) Law Firm Specializes in Family Law Issues

Morristown (NJ) Law Firm Specializes in Family Law Issues

Laurie L. Newmark, attorney, is a partner in the Morristown NJ Family Law Firm, Townsend Tomaio and Newmark (ttnlaw.com). The Firm has a focus on matrimonial law and all legal aspects of the law, which relate to family matters. Among the specialty areas are divorce, mediation, child custody, domestic violence, prenuptials and similar issues.

Laurie Newmark has created a video with valuable information.

In addition to her years of experience working with couples to achieve the outcomes they desire in a divorce settlement, Laurie can take a case to trial if necessary: “It is always my advice to the divorcing couples to try and come to terms without going to court. The court system is on overload. For divorce lawyers, time is money and having to go to court adds time and money to a proceeding. I always encourage my clients to try to work out a settlement between themselves rather than putting it in the hands of a judge. Judges are human and often do not see a situation the same as the involved parties.” 

Domestic violence/abuse is frequently a situation that needs legal counsel. This matter affects both men and women, although 85% of reported domestic violence crimes are against women. Often women are the victims of abuse from an intimate partner. Such abuse can take many forms: physical, mental and emotional. It often has the effect on the victim of destroying their self worth and their ability to take action. Often the victim will believe that they deserve the punishment. Young, dating women need to recognize when a relationship is not healthy and may be abusive. Women with dependent children are particularly vulnerable and often will stay in an unhealthy relationship because they do not know what options they have. Usually financial dependency keeps them under the control of the abuser.

In New Jersey, there are options. A Restraining Order can be an immediate help to keep the victim safe from furthur abuse. There are also organizations geared towards providing education and resources for victims of domestic violence. One resource is the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women (njcbw.org) Restraining orders and/or legal separation can be an immediate help. There are agencies such as the Jersey Battered Women Shelter in MorrisCounty that can provide temporary shelter and counseling. A Family law firm such as Townsend Tomaio and Newmark has experts who can offer important advice and representation in matters of domestic violence/abuse.




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