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Nature's Winter Bounty

This has been a long, tough winter. When you live on a farm it is particularly taxing if you have animals that need to be tended to. Snow is difficult but ice is dangerous and just walking takes twice as long as usual. Keeping water from freezing requires constant attention.

You are aware of the raw beauty of nature and the power of weather. It truly makes you realize how inconsequential humans are in the natural rythme of every day and you become aware of creatures that we take for granted. Once in a while I catch a glimpse of a fox diligently looking for a meal. It is always fascinating to examine fresh prints in the snow. I have spent considerable time and money taking care of birds and a few squirrels. Among the birds I have recognized in the last few weeks are a pair of cardinals; four doves, two blue jays, 3 woodpeckers and many small birds that I couldn't identify. Did you know that birds have different flight patterns?Also, the larger birds are able to perch in a leafless tree but the young, smaller birds seek the safety of a large evergreen. As I think about nature I wonder when humans will learn from all the wonderful creatures that we are fortunate to share the planet with. Let me know what birds you have seen this winter.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023
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