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Navigating Layoffs During the Holidays with Kim Crowder


Amazon, Meta, Salesforce, and Twitter have recently announced the layoffs of thousands of their employees, mostly because of changes in the companies' infrastructure and budget constraints. Due to the massive amounts of layoffs, many people will find themselves without a job. Luckily, there are ways that employees can stay ahead of company changes and avoid the troubles of layoffs.

Kim Crowder, Founder and CEO of Kim Crowder Consulting, is one of the country's leading Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speakers. She has been featured in several publications, including The New York Times, Business Insider, CBS, NBC, and more. She shares tips and helpful advice for employees to prepare for their next job.

  • What are some tips to help stay ahead of company changes?
"Be aware of whether leaders within the organization are leaving at a higher-than-normal rate. If leaders are walking away rapidly, it could mean they know something you do not. Also, evaluate whether sales or customer audience is shifting or the organization is not transparent about their business practices and financial health."

  • How can employees be prepared and stay prepared for their next job?
"Employees should always have their resume updated so that it matches their wins and responsibility at their current job, including their impact on the organization overall. A regular review of jobs that are open at other organizations and their current company is helpful. Looking at job boards allows team members to understand what skillsets are essential in the market, what their salary should and could be, and how in demand their role is at a given time."

  • What is the best way to approach asking for a raise or a promotion during uncertain times?
"Part of this starts well before you ask for a raise. How have you been positioning yourself to ask for a raise, and have you clearly documented and shared your impact within your team, department, and the workplace overall? This prep is setting the stage for your ask. Also, provide direction for your job performance review by emailing this list before the conversation so that you are in control of the narrative around your role. Lastly, if this organization is unwilling to move you forward in the way you believe you deserve, look around at other departments that you may be a better fit for or start considering other organizations that might be a better match for your needs."

  • From an employer's standpoint, how can companies create a workplace that supports their employees when they need a new job?

"If organizations have significant layoffs, the company can provide recommendations to other workplaces and make introductions when possible. Lastly, leadership should be the first to take a pay cut if it means team members can keep their jobs." 

For more information on Kim Crowder Consulting visit kimcrowderconsulting.com

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