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Path for Life Nourishment Resource Center

jeanette_broneeJeanette Bronee's Path for Life Center in NY City is a top nourishment resource center. Jeanette, who will be a presenter at Garden State Woman's 5th annual health conference on April 30, 2011 at the sanofi-aventis headquarters in Bridgewater, will inspire you to think differently about how you view nutrition and may potentially change your life.

Visit her extensive web site at www.pathforlife.com and blog: www.pathforlifefood.com to find great recipes in her monthly newsletters and learn how Jeanette, her team and her clients work together to:

  • Understand emotional eating: "learn why you eat and how to make choices that support your mood, emotions, and energy. We teach you how you can change feelings of depression, low self-esteem, and lack of motivation with food and life-style choices. We work from a perspective of positive eating. One that allows you to find the joy in food and eating rather than deprivation."
  • Learn about nutrition therapy including "food & health, balancing weight, depression & anxiety, digestive disorders, fertility & pregnancy and detox programs."
  • Deal with cancer wellness: a testimonial from a Jeanette client: ""I started out calling Jeanette my "cancer coach"; I now call her my Wholeness Coach! This week I was given the great news that the cancerous tumors in my lungs, liver, and under my right arm have disappeared and that the original tumor in my left breast is reducing and the breast tissue is appearing healthier. Jeanette taught me that I was important and I shifted from being a Victim to being Victorious. I learned an enormous amount about my body's needs and abilities to heal itself and restore balance.

At Jeanette's Integrated Holistic Health Center there are also resources for habits shifting hypnotherapy and mind body nourishment that include connective healing, meditation, transition coaching and body therapies.

Jeanette, from Denmark originally, committed herself and her career to healthier eating when she lost both parents to cancer. That was her wake-up call. Today she has a thriving nutrition counseling practice on East 11th street in NY City. I just referred one of our special friends to Jeanette to help her deal with serious long-term health issues.

I met Jeanette through a very close friend of my husband's who has been going to Jeanette for almost a year to deal with health issues including Mercury poisoning primarily related to his being down at the twin towers on 9/11 and continuing to work in the area for many months after. John's doctor, unable to solve his serious, life threatening health issues referred him to Jeanette.

She may have saved his life. She definitely made it infinitely better. Over the past year John's system has been purged of the Mercury that was shutting down organs and threatening his life. He has dropped over 100 pounds. His energy has been restored and he is firing on all cylinders. To achieve these enormous gains he has totally changed his nutrition choices and patterns.

Jeanette does not preach that, when it comes to nutrition, one size fits all. She very much believes that each person's health is unique and the right nutrition plan needs to be equally unique. To diagnose clients' health issues and nutritional requirements Jeanette relies on her own personal observations and in-depth client discussions.

Jeanette's client base is primarily a female one. It is national and global as well as being very robust in the tri-state area. For remote clients, counseling sessions are handled entirely by phone.

When I visited Jeanette in the city to discuss her participation in our April 30th health conference, we went to lunch at an organic macrobiotic restaurant (Souen.net) on 13th street she recommended. It was packed. I noticed it was primarily a younger group of customers and none were over-weight!

Spending a couple of hours with Jeanette was enough to motivate me and my husband Jack to start eating smarter. It only makes sense to be intelligent about what we put into our bodies.

So that we could scratch the surface a bit more we asked Jeanette to recommend the first book we should read to start us down the road of better understanding nutrition. She recommended Freedom from Disease authored by Tom Monte with Peter Morgan Kash and Jay Lombard, D.O.

Don't miss Jeanette's presentation and discussion at the April 30th Garden State Woman Health Conference. Contact us for details. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PATH FOR LIFE self-nourishment center®
Where Wellness is Nurtured and Habits Change for Good.

80 East 11th st. PH606 - NYC 10003
T: 212 260 0604 C: 917 353 2889

www.pathforlife.com & www.pathforlifefood.com

Feed Your Body, Nurture Your Soul, Balance Your Life.

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