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Presidents 3-5 - American History Lesson #2


See Lesson #1 here.

Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

Thomas Jefferson, primary author of the Declaration of Indepence, served as the third president of the United States for two terms. Regarding party conflict, which was at an all time high in the 1800s, he wrote, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." As two separate parties began to form, Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, Jefferson sided with the Republicans and opposed a strong centralized government, favoring the rights of the states.

James Madison (1800-1817)

James Madison served as the fourth president of the United States. He made major contributions to the ratification of the Constitution. In Congress, he helped frame the Bill of Rights and enact the first revenue legislation. The Republican Party, also known as the Jeffersonian Party, was developed during Madison's presidency due to his opposition to Hamilton.

James Monroe (1817-1825)

James Monroe served two terms as the fifth president of the United States. He favored Jeffersonian policies. Prior to his presidency, he was elected US Senator in 1790. During his presidency, the Missouri Compromise forever prohibited slavery north and west of Missouri. Regarding foreign affairs he stated, which later became the Monroe Doctrine, ". . . the American continents," he stated, "by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects forgs future colonization by any European Power."


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