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Presidents 6-7 - American History Lesson #3


See Lesson #2 here.

John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)

John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States and the first president who was the son of a past president. His viewpoints were similar to his father, John Adams. In his first Annual Message, he proposed that the Federal Government begin construction of a network of highways and canals, which became the 185-mile C & 0 Canal. He also proposed that the United States focus on the development of the arts and sciences with a national university. In 1830, he was elected to the House of Representatives.

Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

Prior to becoming the seventh president of the United States, Jackson served in the senate and was a major general in the War of 1812, making him a national hero. In his first Annual Message, he suggested eliminating the Electoral College. He also attempted to democratize Federal officeholding. During his presidency, two parties developed from the Republican party: Democrats, who favored Jackson, and Republicans, who opposed him.

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