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Pride Month 2023 Letter From Terry McAuliffe CommonGood USA


Each June, we celebrate Pride Month. Pride is a celebration of diversity and a time to recommit to fighting for an individuals' fundamental right to be who they are and love they love.

This year, Pride, and everything it stands for, is especially important. More than anytime that I can remember, LGBTQ+ rights are under attack.

Did you know that more than 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were introduced in state legislatures during the last legislative season?

As Virginia's 72nd Governor, I fought tirelessly to combat this kind of discrimination. I worked hard to make Virginia the most welcoming state in the nation.

In fact, my first action as governor was signing an executive order to prohibit discrimination against any LGBTQ+ state employee, and I made it clear that I would veto every piece of legislation that discriminated against LGBTQ+ people or undermined their constitutional rights.

The fact that MAGA Republicans like Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ron DeSantis keep attacking the LGBTQ+ community and their families is shameful.

Nobody should be discriminated against because of their identity.

This Pride Month, let's renew our commitment to stopping these radical extremists from stripping away the hard-fought rights and protections that LGBTQ+ Americans have secured.

Will you sign the petition and support the LGBTQ+ community and their fundamental rights and freedoms?

This Pride, let's celebrate our diversity and make it clear that discrimination has no place in our country. We will not back down in our fight to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of ALL Americans.


Terry McAuliffe

72nd Governor of Virginia 

CommonGood USA

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023
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