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Prostate Cancer & The Men In Your Life

My husband through the years has always said that if you live in New Jersey long enough you eventually have to come down with some form of cancer. A little over two years ago his words came back to bite him. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a cancer that often goes undetected for too many years. It is also a cancer that can be "dealt with" effectively if caught in time. Yesterday he met with a friend who also had developed prostate cancer in his early 40's - my husband wishes he was in his early 40's!

My message is a simple one, make the men in your life - your dad, husband, significant other, brother, uncle, friends - get their PSA level tested every year starting at age 50 or even before. A rising PSA result at 4.0 or above is a warning sign that he needs to see a oncology specialist. Be a nag. It can make a difference.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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