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Spring's Becoming Attractions

Roz_RolanWe have all waited, through a long and difficult winter season, to finally get to this wonderful season of rebirth and rejuvenation. The dark color palette of winter has given way to the lovely pastels and dramatic brights in new floral and geometric patterns. But, the key to wearing any color is to keep to your Body Harmony colors; your natural hair color, complexion and eye color is your guide to knowing whether or not a garment is well suited for you. There are warm colors which look sun-kissed with a yellow undertone to complement your peach, yellow or bronze complexion. The cooler colors seem to have a white overcast, and complement complexions which have pink or blue undertones in a range of porcelain, lightly beige, olive to rose brown.

It is important to wear garments and accessories which complement your Natural complexion. The best way to judge whether a color is right for you, is To place that color under your chin in a well-lighted room. If dark circles, lines, folds, and uneven complexion are more pronounced, that is a wrong color for you. The wrong color makes you look very tired. The right color gives you a smooth complexion, and a refreshed look. This spring, there is an abundance of Neutral colors to choose from. From camels, caramels, to bone, sand and taupe, you must be careful that the neutral shade works for you.

In The Nude!

Nude colored shoes are the "it" shoes for the season. Whether they're flats, Sandals, pumps, or sky-high platforms, this is a fabulous color to add to your Collection. They go with everything and they make your legs look really long!

But! Shopper beware!

Take the time to look for the hue that best matches your Natural coloring. Don't just grab any old pair of beige colored shoes. Most of The shades I've seen have too much pink for the majority of women. If your Skin is more golden, go more camel. If your skin is darker, try a more Caramel shade. Tip: If your legs are short, or you have thick ankles, stay away from straps or other busy designs that can break the line of your leg. Opt for shoes or sandals with a lower throat instead. There is one exception: the single strap, low-heeled thong sandal. They look good on everyone and go well with skirts, pants and dresses. If you select to wear opened-toe shoes to work, a pedicure is essential. There are so many sandal styles this season, I would suggest getting a pedicure mandatory for all occasions, as callused feet is not very flattering. Toe nails look pretty and fresh whether in Corals or Pinks.

(As seen in the Spring issues of LUCKY, Marie Claire & Harper Bazaar magazines)Roz_collage_final

A Twist for the Wrist

For Additional color, bracelets are more fun than ever, in rows of elasticized Beads which fit your wrist snugly and do not make the annoying sound of separate clanking bangles! They are in every store, in either natural stones, Indian or chalk beads, and instantly update your wardrobe!

Add Spring to your Makeup

Coral and orange lips have it this season! There is a wide range of shades From pinky corals to orange tones that will wake up the face and turn on Lights that most of us need! Lipsticks are not as heavy as they used to be and the sheerer formulas are fresh and flattering on everyone. Use the same tone in light blush on your cheek bones to balance the look. For the eyes, the most flattering eye shadow is in a matte format. The shiny eye shadows make most women look older and dated. It is best to select a soft taupe or tan for the eyelids with black mascara. Don't forget to have your eyebrows shaped and lightly penciled or powdered because they are the frame of your face. Without your eyebrows included in your makeup, your face looks undone.

Roslyn Rolan, is the owner of The Image & Etiquette Institute of NJ LLC in Fort Lee, NJ. In business for over 15 years, Ms. Rolan offers Charm School Training for Middle & High School Students; Executive Empowerment & Beauty Pageant Training. In addition, She has special programs for women over 55, designed to make them look either 10 years younger or 10 pounds thinner. She offers individual and group training, and can be reached by phone at 201-886-2513 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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