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Summit for Professionals In Transition

UnempProfGrpA Connections and Learning Summit for Professionals In Transition

Join Garden State Woman on November 28th for a vital educational, networking and information sharing event for Professionals in Transition and searching for new career opportunities.   The Summit will be a major learning experience for anyone stuck in this position, unable to find the next right career opportunity.

The agenda will be a series of presentations and discussions  led by real, down-to-earth experts prepared to spend their time with attendees sharing their expertise and wisdom on how to go about uncovering and following up on new career opportunities.

Focus of the Summit

The focus of the Summit is on anyone, both women and men, in either an unemployed or under-employed situation including those:


  • Downsized in the very tough economic recession we are going through.
  • Feeling threatened in their current job because of the uncertainty in the economy and/or the riskto their current employer's business.
  • Stay at home moms or dads wanting to get back in the work force either as the primary or secondary earner in the family.
  • College graduates unable to land even their first paid (or unpaid) internship.
  • About to graduate college with few opportunities available to them
  • Returning military personnel needing to get their private lives back in gear.

Discussion topics include:

    • Networking: A critically important key to uncovering new opportunities. Jack Killion and Andy Bluestone, partners in the networking coaching firm of Bluestone+Killion and proven networkers, will talk about how to go about building and using a much larger and richer professional network of connections positioned to help you in your search for new and better jobs.

  • Social Media: Using LinkedIn, Facebook and other new communication technologies to further brand yourself  and  uncover potential opportunities. David Deutsch and LisaMarie Dias, two of New Jersey's top social media experts, will drive this discussion.

  • Optimizing the Search and Recruiting Process: Mike Palestina and Joe Caso, two highly respected career coaches, will share their guidance on how you might best develop and execute your new career development plan. Both serve major corporations providing outsourcing help to employees downsized. They also have client professionals looking to tap into their expertise.

  • The Recruiting Process of the Digital Age:  Learn what HR leaders of major corporations are doing to find, assess and recruit new talent in this new digital era of social media and job boards.  Connie Ward (Global Resources) and Lora Boltniew (Deloitte) will explain how the digital age has changed the way HR professionals go about recruiting and how these technologies has changed the HR role..

  • Reinvent Yourself: What are your options to finding a new opportunity using your current skills set? Do you need to take additional educational courses? Should you pursue being an entrepreneur? Would a portoflio career in which you have several contracted "employers" work for you?  Learn from 3 professionals in various stages of  transition: Craig Rowles, Gregg Russo and Karen Van Blarcum -one recently landed a new & better opportunity, one gave up searching and started her own new business and one who is mid way through the search process. They will be joined by an Associate VP from NJIT, Judith Sheft, who will be discussing the federally funded re-training opportunities available through NJ colleges and universities.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Park Avenue Club, Florham Park, NJ

1:00 - 6:00 PM

Registration Fee: $75
Includes Light Refreshments, Take-Aways and Door Prizes

Don't Forget Your Business Cards

Event Benefits:

  • Time for you to network with other participants and discussion leaders. This will be vitally important time for you to share your career goals and challenges and expand your own network. Ask the panelists questions you want anmswered in your search.
  • Solid actionable information that you can begin applying immediately in search of your new or a better career.
  • Contact information for all of the presenters.
  • Your listing among the event attendees, with your contact data,  if you wish to be available to the network that will develop from this event.
  • Door prizes including an opportunity to win an initial one-on-one discussion and/or meeting with select panel leaders.
  • Rich "how to" guidance on: putting together and implementing a new career discovery plan; expanding and leveraging your personal and business networks to uncover new opportunities; capitalzing on social media in your search; responding to announced openings with the right cover letter and resume; identifying some of the lesser known resources available state-wide for Professionals in Transition and more.

Please Help Us Spread the Word

Please share this invitation with any friends, neighbors, business associates and family that will benefit from this learning experience.  With any questions or comments, please contact Judy Chapman at 908-879-7143 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proceeds from the event will go to support the Garden State Woman Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity. The Foundation provides financial support to exceptional, inner city young NJ women attending 4 year NJ colleges and universities.

The Park Avenue Club is a unique not-for-profit private club that financially supports charitable and cultural organizations.

To register, please complete the form below:

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