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Take advantage of every opportunity (From Sylvia’s Children)


In other words, reach for the brass ring. "Reaching for the brass ring" is a phrase originating in the late 19th and early 20th century when carousels were extremely popular in U.S. amusement parks and on boardwalks. At one time, the carousel riders on the outer horses would hope the timing of the carousel rotation (and the rise-and-fall motion of their seat) would allow them to try to grab for rings on a mechanical arm suspended above the riders. Most rings were steel with no value; however one ring was the prized "Brass Ring". If you got that you would get a free ride!

I never missed an opportunity to grab the brass ring! When they asked if I wanted to ride in the Iditarod I said "of course". What did that lead to? It led to my getting a contract with the Iditarod for sponsorship sales. Often enough we need to look at taking advantage of every opportunity by asking if you can do whatever the situation may be or requires. Another example is when International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) was going to China and taking a group that would be teaching to Chinese festival and events administrators. Rather than asking if I could participate...I let them know I fully expected to be included on that trip. Guess what? I went to China!

When I was invited to Africa, I never hesitated and just said "absolutely, I would love to go" and what did that lead to? Sylvia's Children! In other words, either reach for the brass ring and come out a winner or go after the brass ring and come out a winner!

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