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The Little Daisy Bake Shop Fills a Need

The Little Daisy Bake Shop Fills a Need

The question is: will my idea materialize into a successful business?  The answer is: Do you see a need that your business  idea will fill?  Answering this question is a critical first step in your business plan.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop is a very successful business carefully nurtured by entrepreneur Jennifer Snyder in Montclair, New Jersey.  Through her love and expertise of baking healthy for her family, she saw a need.  Serving confections to her daughter’s kindergarten class, she noticed one young girl had removed herself from the group and was snacking on something from home.  Jennifer subsequently learned that the child suffered from a peanut allergy.  It bothered her that the child could not participate with her classmates

She decided to create a bakery that would make peanut and pine tree nut free products.  She diligently searched out suppliers who met this criteria. She relied on advice from parents who had children with food allergies to find reputable suppliers.  This is a challenge because she cannot personally inspect every facility.

In addition to her significant participation in the bakery, Jennifer is a wife, mother to two active teenagers and gives back to her community.  Jennifer added:  “The Little Daisy Bake  Shop has a wonderful group of employees. My team is extraordinary. I can leave and know that customer service is our number one priority.”  For more information, go to:  htpp//thelittledaisybakeshop.com.

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