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The Power of Words – “The Followers” by Radhia Gleis


Words matter. Humans use words to communicate. Words, as well as actions, communicate. Words often have more than one meaning. What is a patriot? The answer depends on whom you ask. For some, invading the U.S. Capital building illustrates that they are patriots. For others, defending the Constitution, the rule of law and democracy, illustrates that they are patriots. Everyone can choose what action they take because America is governed by the Constitution. This Constitution is basic to the American way of life. It is what makes us different than a narcissistic fascist form of government.

Radhia Gleis, the author of The Followers, shares her personal story of years in a notorious cult parallel to today's cultural mania. She presents a compelling portrayal of both the political and cultural dynamics of groupthink and mind control. Her analysis is that actions fostered by a narcissistic voice do not happen because of one man. It is the collective consciousness of the group that supports and enacts this behavior.

A fascinating description shines a light on how easily intelligent questing people can find themselves unwittingly following a cult leader. Her personal story is a probing exploration of the mental and emotional states of cult leaders and followers.

Purchase The Followers here. For more on Radhia Gleis, visit radhiagleis.com

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
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