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Want to share thinking re: growing your own business?

Jack_Killion2Join me and my entrepreneurial husband Jack Killion for a breakfast discussion focused on starting and growing a new business, any kind of new business. For over 35 years Jack has either been helping others start their own businesses or starting and developing his own including the Eagle Rock Diversified Fund that he launched 11 years ago and continues to head.

In these tough times, with many millions out of work and unable to find another career path, thinking about starting a business of your own is one viable option. Women are accounting for an increasingly higher percentage of new business start-ups.

There isn't any catch to this suggestion. We are not interested in selling you anything. You don't have to prepare anything in advance – but you will be expected to talk openly about your new business idea. It will be our treat entirely. Maybe the discussion will turn out to be some good content for a Blog on gswoman.com. We are thinking about developing a 2012 conference for NJ women entrepreneurs. This discussion will give us input for that idea.

We have been through just about any kind of situation that you might run into in getting a new business off the ground. We are passionate about the small business community.Our interest and experience goes back several decades. Over the years we have: helped others start and grow their own businesses; raised money for new businesses, served on the boards of emerging companies and invested in new businesses. We also started and developed our own businesses in a range of industries.

The idea is that we will have breakfast with 3 or 4 Garden State Woman who are either thinking about starting a new business or working hard to profitably grow one that they started previously. We will meet in the Morristown area at either the Park Avenue Club or another site for a couple of hours to have some eggs and coffee and share ideas, thinking, challenges, hurdles and opportunities.

We are just interested to see if we have women in New Jersey who are striking off on their own and would like to spend a couple of hours in a think tank situation. All of us will learn a lot discussing our entrepreneurial experiences and plans. We may or may not have a follow up discussion/meeting. That depends on how the first one goes.

If you want to be involved in this "discussing/thinking breakfast" session which will be in early December please shoot us an email outlining your reasons for being interested in being involved. Crazy idea right? If interested contact Jack at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Saturday, 23 September 2023
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