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Wise Words & Witty Expressions

New Book, “Wise Words & Witty Expressions,” Helps You Keep Life in Perspective and a Smile on Your Face. First time author, Renee’ Gatz, has burst onto the scene with her first book, “Wise Words & Witty Expressions,” a collection of the expressions she heard repeatedly from her parents while growing up. Gatz’s book provides perspective and laughs by sharing expressions that help her readers more easily navigate life’s ups and downs. 


Being raised “old school” in a traditional Irish-Catholic household with a no-nonsense mother and a traditional, old-fashioned father, Renee’ Gatz had a lifetime of hearing their various expressions—profound, funny, and even sarcastic.  Without realizing it, these expressions stayed with her and came back to her at the appropriate moments in her life to help her laugh, understand, or survive. 


In her early growing years, Gatz did not appreciate the power of the expressions her parents spoke but, as she grew was amazed at how these expressions would come back to her to provide clarity, understanding, or a laugh at just the right moment.


When you are young and your parents trot out some lame expression designed to teach you a life lesson, such as “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” or “you can do anything you put your mind to,” you likely roll your eyes and chalk up their “lameness” to the fact that they are old and out of touch.  When you grow up and experience a little bit of life, you suddenly realize that maybe those expressions really do have meaning and are helpful to remember when navigating life’s big and little ups and downs.


“Wise Words & Witty Expressions” is not a book you simply read and then put down; you keep it handy to refer to when life presents you with its inevitable challenges, both good and bad, when you need a laugh or are simply looking for some snappy repartee.  Gatz has been told by her readers that her book has found a prominent place on their coffee table, office desk and even in their bathroom. 


Learn more about “Wise Words & Witty Expressions at www.reneegatz.com where you can also order the book, which is available in hard copy, paperback and via ebook.  “Wise Words & Witty Expressions” is also available on Amazon by clicking here.


“Wise Words & Witty Expressions” represents the expressions Gatz heard growing up.  She would love to hear from you and learn the wise words and witty expressions you remember to help you navigate your way through life’s ups and downs.


Maybe your expressions represent the geographic region of the United States you live in or maybe they reflect of your ancestry.  Please leave Gatz a comment on her blog site and tell her your favorite expression. 


Gatz would love to collect enough expressions from her readers to write a second edition of “Wise Words & Witty Expressions.”  Perhaps you will even see your expression in her next book!



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Wise Words & Witty Expressions
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