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The splendor of autumn In New Jersey is only tempered by the realization that the long, dark, cold days and nights of winter follow. Blue sky speckled with wispy clouds provides a serene backdrop for the gold, yellow and red of changing leaves.

Every rain brings us closer to winter as the leaves are washed from the trees. Fortunately the farm markets keep our spirits up with wonderful pumpkins and apples together with the usual fall display of multi-colored mums and kale. Even though Daylight Saving Time ends November 1 and the first day of winter is December 21, planning for winterizing the house, pets, family and the yard, must be put in motion. Also room needs to be made in our schedules for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year.

This is where things become tricky. Very important to remember that you can only do so much. Try delegating. (Sometimes it is easier to do it  yourself but planning can be more fun with someone). The holidays can be great opportunities to involve the family in preparations. Autumn is a wonderful opportunity to share the beauty of nature with your children. Walk around the field where they play sports and point out the changing colors. Notice the squirrels looking for acorns and the birds flying south. Carve a pumpkin or hang some Indian corn as a welcome sign on the front door. Collect some particularly beautiful leaves for a table decoration. Be sure to check for ticks when you get home – best to wear sweats with tight legs. Plant some spring flowers with the children. There are endless chances to have fun - don’t forget to include the family dog

I recently attended the Far Hills Race Meet which benefits the Steeplechase Cancer Center of Somerset Medical Center. As was often the case this summer, it was a rainy day, but not too cold because it was not windy. It was the type of weather that animals enjoy more than most people. For me, it was great fun. There are countless opportunities for fun outdoors in the fall. Football, soccer, lacrosse, golf to name a few. I guess there is even fall ball if you are still in the baseball mode.

It does the spirit good to enjoy being outside. It also does the body good to get some exercise. So button up, find a scarf and mittens and ENJOY.

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What Is Communication?

Human beings communicate verbally as well as with body language and actions. In a society that encourages freedom of speech, the opinion of the communicator is often presented as fact rather than a point of view.

We are inundated with opinion that is presented as fact. Many communicators have lost (if they ever had it) their ability to understand a dissenting point of view. When we speculate on the roots of the rudeness that prevails in our daily lives, we need only watch TV to see that there is little common courtesy. We find that tv anchors thrive on bashing others, we read newspaper accounts from supposedly respected journalists who are close-minded to any idea that is not part of their preaching. There seems to be a need for everyone to talk at once. What happened to the idea that we allow a person time to speak without interruption?

The internet has become an intensely negative voice in our culture. With anonymity (perceived), emotionally unstable individuals comb the medium for prey. Young people who have been raised in a culture preoccupied with sex and violence are no match for these perverted individuals. The internet with its boundless opportunity to share information and enrich the lives of many is a tool that often misrepresents and distorts. It can be a strong voice for educating the masses if they are aware that all information is not necessarily true.

The Garden State Woman website is an attempt to provide information to inspire, motivate and educate New Jersey women. We want you to be the best that you can be for you and your loved ones. How can we teach our children to be polite when all they see is people being rude to each other? Share your thoughts with us.

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