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Gloria Vanderham is appointmented as chair of the Rutgers University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors (Rutgers University Alumni Association)


From the Rutgers University Alumni Association: A dynamic global community requires leadership driven by excellence, compassion, and the pursuit of the greater good. Please join the worldwide Rutgers University alumni community in congratulating Gloria Vanderham RC'00, SCILS'00 on her appointment as chair of the Rutgers University Alumni Associatio...

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Statement on Recent SCOTUS Decisions – NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault


From NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault. This past week, we have been reflecting on the recent major rulings made by the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). We are disheartened and fearful of the harmful consequences that will arise as a result of these decisions. On Thursday (6/29/23), SCOTUS struck down affirmative action, ending race-con...

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Interview with Carmen Fields, Author of Going Back to T-Town: The Ernie Fields Territory Big Band


Ernie Fields, a highly influential jazz musician who made significant contributions to music during the earliest days of jazz and swing in a time of severe racial segregation, has achieved many noteworthy accomplishments in his lifetime. His Territory Big Band released hit recordings, such as "T-Town Blues" and "The Mood" in the 40s and 50s. And, h...

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The Supreme Court’s Decision on Race-Conscious Admissions Cements Racial Inequality in America


Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce Dear Friends and Colleagues:Today's US Supreme Court decision to sharply curtail the consideration of applicants' race/ethnicity in the college admissions process shines a spotlight, once again, on an uncomfortable truth: racism is alive and well in America. The ugly interpersonal ...

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Interview with Anu Bhat, Founder of The Rural Painter


Art curator Anu Bhat is the Founder of The Rural Painter, a shop that brings Southeast Asian art to the West. The Rural Painter is based out of Princeton, NJ and offers a variety of original, authentic, carefully hand-selected paintings from talented artists in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Nepal. The art uniquely evokes the cultural essence an...

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National Pollinator Week July 19-25 from the Turfmutt Foundation


June is National Pollinators Month and June 19-25 is designated as "National Pollinator Week." Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S Department of the Interior. Pollinator Week is a great opportunity to encourage people to do more in their backyards to support pollinators. For more information, go to www.turfmutt.com.

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Interview with Monica Eaton, CEO of Chargebacks911


Monica Eaton, entrepreneur, technology innovator, speaker, and author, was recently appointed to the role of CEO of Chargebacks911. Eaton launched the company in 2011 as a solution to the lack of resources in the market that help merchants with secure transactions. Now, Chargebacks911 is a leader in the financial technology industry and is the firs...

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Bonnie Lautenberg Raises Awareness for Fighting Gun Violence with her Artwork “Guns Kill”


Gifford, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Americans from gun violence has partnered with artist, photographer, and writer, Bonnie Lautenberg for its 10th anniversary. Lautenberg is recognized for effectively capturing the current climate in her art. Her works have been featured in gallery shows, museums, and art fairs throughout th...

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Pride Month 2023 Letter From Terry McAuliffe CommonGood USA


Each June, we celebrate Pride Month. Pride is a celebration of diversity and a time to recommit to fighting for an individuals' fundamental right to be who they are and love they love. This year, Pride, and everything it stands for, is especially important. More than anytime that I can remember, LGBTQ+ rights are under attack. Did you know that mor...

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Congratulations to Recent Columbia Law School Graduate, Terresa Adams!


Congratulations to Terresa Adams, a recent Columbia Law School graduate of the Class of 2023! Adams has recently graduated as a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, Racial and Social Justice Fellow, a Public Service Honoree, and a recipient of The Parker School Certificate for Achievement in International and Comparative Law Certificate. Adams has achieved ...

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Sasha Marie Speer, Award-Winning Director, Producer, and Artist Released Her Short Film, Unborn


Dr. Sasha Marie Speer, Award-Winning Director, Producer, and Artist released her Diversity in Cannes Film Festival Winning short film, Unborn this past Mother's Day on May 12, 2023. Speer has always had a passion for fine art and photography and aims to infuse her love of the human connection and culture into her art. Speer's own experience with he...

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Tips on Becoming a Better Food Shopper. Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, Cardiologist and Founder of Step One Foods.


Have you ever gone grocery shopping and felt tempted to purchase a food product that has "reduced sodium" or "only 100 calories per serving" in hopes of making the healthier decision? While this approach makes sense at first glance, the reality is that these claims are usually nothing more than marketing tactics. Rather than providing actual nutrit...

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Ting Ting Cheng, Director of the ERA Project at Columbia Law School Joins API Board of Directors (Alice Paul Institute Newsletter)


Alice Paul Institute welcomes civil rights attorney and activist Ting Ting Cheng to the organization's Board of Directors. Cheng is a civil rights attorney and activist. Before joining the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Project, she litigated gender discrimination cases at Legal Momentum, the Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund. Earlier, she was...

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Pay Equity and the Wage Gap. Interview with Policy Expert from National Partnership for Women & Families.


According to a recent Pew Research study, the gender pay gap in the United States remains a serious issue for women workers. In 2022, women ages 25 to 34 earned on average 92 cents for every dollar a man in the same age group earned. The gender wage gap for workers of all ages was 18 cents. And according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau analyzi...

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Jewelers Vigilance Committee Announces Cathrine Wolden as Vice President of Partnership and Sponsorship


Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is the jewelry industry's independent legal expert. JVC has helped jewelers build thriving businesses that operate with the highest levels of integrity and legal and regulatory compliance for over 100 years. Recently, the JVC announced Cathrine Wolden as its new Vice President of Partnership and Sponsorship. "JVC ...

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Ruth Wittmann-Price, PhD is Appointed Dean of TESU W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing and Health Professions

Ruth-A-Wittmann-Price-PhD Ruth A. Wittmann-Price, PhD, has been appointed dean of the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Thomas Edison State University has appointed Ruth Wittmann-Price, PhD, Dean of the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing and Health Professions. "Dr. Wittmann-Price brings with her a wealth of experience in developing and expanding nursing and health professions programs as well as supporting traditionally underserved student and patient populations to...

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“Greenwood Ave Project” Begins its U.S. National Tour to Commemorate the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre


Acclaimed documentary film "Greenwood Ave Project" begins its U.S. national tour to commemorate the 102-year reminder of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The "Greenwood Ave Project" documentary sheds light on the Tulsa community after the 1921 Massacre in which the filmmaker Terry Baccus and executive producer Karen Reese have shown the aftermath of t...

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Shop For Mother’s Day Gifts and Support Talented Tween and Teenpreneurs with Treppie

kintsugi-self-love-candle kintsugi self love candle

Mother's Day is around the corner! If you're looking for something to buy Mom, checkout Treppie, an online store dedicated to supporting and empowering girls through entrepreneurship. Through her years working in education and business, and raising two boys of her own, founder Jennifer Andrews was inspired to create an entrepreneurial marketplace f...

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Edith Villacampa Fiato Is Appointed Executive Director of Roots & Wings


Roots & Wings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting aged-out foster youth from all over New Jersey by providing safe housing, emotional support, and education. On April 17, 2023, Edith Villacampa Fiato was appointed as Executive Director of Roots & Wings. Fiato brings an extensive background in nonprofit management and fundrai...

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For Members of the Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance (RAAA) Executive Board, Nominations and Elections Begins May 1, 2023


The process for the Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance (RAAA, Inc.) Executive Board and Elections will begin May 1, 2023. The process will be completed by the June 27th General Body Meeting. To participate, you must be a member. Click here for more information. For questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit the RAAA website ...

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