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George came to live with us

George came to live with us in February. He was 8 months old. Normally I would not advise taking a puppy in winter because it is too hard to housebreak them. George (aka Wrinkles or Dodger) was adopted on the condition that our eight year old German Shepherd, Faith, would accept him as a member of her family. Faith is very particular about whom she wants around and there was no reason to expect that she would welcome George. This introduction required a definite strategy.
The plan was to have them both on leases outside when we made the initial introduction. Faith welcomed George with a bellowing German Shepherd greeting that made it very clear who was the Alpha animal. George seemed unimpressed. Once in the house, George was crated and Faith was free to check the situation out. George was obviously not afraid of her – in fact tried to lick her thru the crate door.
We have had experience with many different dogs over the years. We have never associated with a bull dog except as Yale and Georgetown mascots. Before George arrived we read as much about bullies as we could find. They are a different personality than any dog that I have known. They speak through their eyes – with such a lovable face, you have a tendency to overlook their faults. George is a compulsive chewer – anything is fair game. He will consume the most disgusting stuff and then want to give you a warm and loving lick. He is single minded and moves on his own time. Now that they are friends, he loves to play with Faith. He thinks she is a small bull and he practices his moves on her. She seems amused by him and periodically puts him in his place.
The point of this reflection is – be open to try new things. You may be surprised that you might just have some fun. I have learned to have a 40 lb lap dog whenever I sit down. George is fearless and I think that is what attracts Faith.

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Picking Partners Can Be Life Altering

Picking Partners Can Be Life Altering

It goes without saying that picking partners can be a life changing decision.  Personal partners can either add or subtract from your quality of life. This is also true of business partners.  In either case it is important that you share a common point of view, particularly in ethics. You want a partner that will uphold your ethics – who will engage in practices that reflect kindly on your values. The need to maintain the integrity of a partnership will be based on trust.  Trust has to be based on knowing that your partner is truthful. There is no gray matter around telling the truth.   This is why it is important to get to know your prospective partner so there are no surprises.  Reputations can be destroyed by one thoughtless moment. Be sure to project yourself by being smart about selecting your partner. Try to separate fact from fiction and not be swayed by emotions.

Keeping your head in charge of your heart will help make a sound choice.  Much easier said than done. Good luck.

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Accept It - Technology is the Way to Go

Accept It - Technology is the Way to Go

One of the  important points that David Deutsch, Founder and CEO of SynergiSocial, emphasized at our Social Media Workshop last week was "Don't Fear Social Media". This is a tag line that David uses constantly in his training programs for corporate America. Like any new technology, it is important to understand it and learn how to use it effectively.  The point was also reinforced by our second presenter, Ken Morris, as he described how to use LinkedIn effectively.  David shared his expertise with Facebook.

It is amazing how much depth there is to these programs once you understand their capabilities.

The four hour program held at FDU flew by. In addition to meeting up with some "old" – meaning previous – friends, we welcomed some first timers to a Garden State Woman Education Foundation event.  The general consensus seemed to me – MORE!.

Another new technology experience for me happened later that night when I was interviewed for the internet by Hanging with David and Dave.  You can find this on YouTube.

I guess the message is that we may as well accept the fact that this is the way we will all be communicating and we should get up to speed. Good luck!

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Save A Spot

Save A Spot

I hope that you have reserved a spot for our social media networking event on Friday, September 14 from 1 – 4:30 in the Mansion at Fairleigh  Dickinson University in Madison.

In response to requests from our readers who want to know  in detail how to get the most from social media as a business tool, we have invited two presenters that we feel have exceptional qualifications.  David Deutsch started his own company, SynergiSocial, and does corporate training in this subject. We think David really "knows this stuff" and will be tremendously helpful to you.  Ken Morris, IT Executive, will present from the user point of view. Ken, too, is extremely knowledgeable especially with LinkedIn and will be a real resource for you.

Don't delay. Click here to sign up. In addition to a solid learning experience, you will be supporting the Garden State Woman Education Foundation. We offer conferences, networking events, and newsletters. I was recently cited by the Small Business Association for my efforts to "champion women in business".   In addition to our educational programs, we support inner city girls attending a New Jersey college or university. Over the last decade we have given support to ten young women.  You can be part of this effort.

Don't delay, sign up today. Thanks for your support.

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Social Media Mania

Social Media Mania

Are you a social media fanatic or maybe one who “doesn't touch the stuff”? Social media has taken the world by storm and somehow we all need to jump on the bandwagon for the benefit of our personal brands and our businesses. Almost all of us use e-mail but how many of us utilize the other sites effectively to promote ourselves? Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn allow users to set up business pages yet many women I speak to don’t have their pages created. The biggest reason is time. It does take a fair amount of our so precious time to learn the features of each site and to get them up and running. Once they are established, time needs to be taken to “collect” friends, connections and members. Eventually, your sites will almost grow on their own. I can’t think of a better way to promote your business but to people who “like” you best.

Fear is another reason that prevents women from joining the social media frenzy. For some it’s fear of the unknown, others fear of loss of privacy and for some even fear of competitors gaining access to their hard work. The fear of not having a presence on social media, however, should be our biggest fear. If you own your own business, just think of how many times you are asked for your website address.

I hope you can join us on September 14, 2012 for a workshop addressing all of these points and more. We willed be joined by David Deutsh of SynergiSocial and IT Executive Ken Morris as we explore the benefits, risks and how-to’s of social media. Seats are limited. Sign up now.

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Move Over - It's the Law

Move Over - It's the Law

Have you heard of the Move Over Law?  Although it has been in effect in New Jersey since January 2009, it seems that few drivers pay attention to the Mover Over Law (39:4-92.2).  When you see flashing lights on the side of the road, slow down, and if it’s safe to do so, Move Over – away from police, fire crews, paramedics and tow truck drivers.  The DMV is conducting a campaign to raise awareness of this law. Check out their website to learn more.

Ignoring the law can result in a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500.  Listen to some stories of service people who have lost their lives by those who have neglected to Move Over.  Please stay attentive and drive safely to keep our protectors and roadside helpers safe. 

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Judy’s Thoughts…from Judy Chapman, Founder of Garden State Woman

Thank you...to all the wonderful people that supported the Garden State Woman Education Foundation 7th Annual Awards Luncheon on March 23 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. More than 300 guests attended to honor our twenty six awardees. As usual, it was a wonderful day with family, friends and professional acquaintances joining together. This year we were glad to welcome three of our scholars, Bria Barnes, Nana Marfo and Mahmuda Choudhury. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, we honored the New Jersey leaders and welcomed from Girl Scouts USA, Kathy Cloninger, who spoke about her new book, Tough Cookie. A community outreach award was presented to the national accounting firm, Rothstein Kass, for their generous support of the 2011-2012 scholarship fund.

Thank you...to the New Leaders Council for honoring me with the 2012 Progressive Media Leadership Award which was presented last week in Princeton. The NLC-NJ is a newly formed chapter of the national New Leaders Council which trains the next generation of entrepreneur leadership. More information can be found on their website.

Thank you... to all our loyal followers and website (www.gardenstatewoman.com) readers for your continued interest. We are refreshing the website and will have lots of interesting things coming up.

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Elizabeth Taylor, Dead Sea Scrolls, Cakebox Café, Vegan Korean Restaurant – What to they have in common?

The commonality is me, Judy Chapman.  I had an amazing day yesterday in NYC. The day began, after getting a 7:45 am train from Gladstone,  at an event sponsored by Rothstein Kass.  To announce the results of a recent study of opportunities for women in alternative investments, the firm – hosted by partner Rosalie Mandel – invited key women in the financial sector to a private viewing of the auction items of Elizabeth Taylor. An impressive  collection of jewels, artwork and clothing.  The event included a wonderful  lunch and interesting program in connection with the LIFE program at Rothstein Kass.

Upon leaving Christies – even though  it was raining – I checked out the Christmas Tree and the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center.  Having time, and to get out of the rain,  I made my way toward the Discovery  Museum.  Would  you believe that in the sub basement of this building you can enjoy treats from the Cakebox!!  This is where the gift shop for the museum is located and also the Cakebox Café. Carlos is not just in Hoboken.

We had been invited to a private showing of a new exhibit at the Discovery Museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is a dynamic, powerful exhibit which explores  the early history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and their common beliefs.   The collection of artifacts along with the remnants of the scrolls provides a picture of a much earlier time in our history.

To finish off the day, we found a Korean vegan restaurant on Park Avenue where we explored the menu and had a healthy dinner;  back to Long Valley and completion of a 17 hour day.

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Gratitude During Thanksgiving

For many it may be difficult to feel a deep sense of gratitude during this Thanksgiving season.

The world seems filled with negative thoughts and actions and it is hard to keep up a spirit of optimism when everything around us seems so filled with despair. For just these reasons it is very important to be a positive voice in the darkness. Find those things that are truly amazing. For example have you thought recently about birds? Have you marveled at the self sufficiency of these wonderful creatures that are so important to our health and well being. Have you ever heard a bird complain because it cannot find a meal? Have you neglected to fill the bird feeder so the birds that depend on you have a dependable food source? Have you noticed how busy the squirrels are getting ready for winter? Look around you at the natural world – it is very resilient. I think we need to get our inspiration from the rhythm of nature. Be uplifted by the examples of nature rather than the ugly misdeeds of humans. Be thankful that you live on this remarkable planet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Judy

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This is "Not Lying"?

I seldom take the time to respond to articles with which I disagree but recently I did because I thought the proposed idea was destructive to anyone that might heed this advice.

A recent NAWBO SmartBrief (August 31, 2011) which crossed my desk contained advice under Best Practices that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Entitled "How to Ensure Your Startup Is a Success — No Matter What Happens" Penelope Trunk presents the theory that you should shape your start-up exit story to set up your next success. "...frame the story so it benefits you," writes Trunk. "No one needs to know whether the startup flopped or whether you were forced out, or if the company wasn't making money. The story you tell afterward can help you get what you want next. This is not lying. This is admitting that there are 10 versions of every story." (read the full text at BNET/The Windup.blog (8/29))

First of all, this advice shows an incredibly naïve knowledge of the information age that we live in. The idea that you can manipulate your history went out with whiteout. Secondly, there was a time when we were taught that honesty was the best policy. Because the internet and the national media massage the facts does not make it good practice for any individual trying to build a business.

I would like to have your opinion. Maybe I am just too old fashioned. Send me your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or better yet, let's get a debate going on LinkedIn.

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Our Country is Lacking the Right Leadership

Two things are noticeably missing when we look at the crowd running things in Washington. We don't have enough talented, top level, capable women and we certainly don't have enough men with experience at successfully managing large national and international organizations.

Our states' and national government are being managed by people with obvious skill raising money and getting elected and then re-elected (unless they really mess up like Anthony Weiner!). With few exceptions, none have ever had serious bottom line responsibility for anything! What have any of them accomplished or grown?

What we are going through with the horrible lack of jobs, the diving stock market, escalating health care costs, terrible education system and the lowering of America's credit rating, which will hurt us all, is a disgrace and a direct reflection on the incompetent, self-serving leaders we have elected to run this country. I do not have a political party ax to grind. Republicans, Tea Party members, Independents and Democrats, they are all essentially the same. All poor leaders, with very limited skills, taking us down a very slippery slope from which it will be hard to recover without a great deal of pain for us and our succeeding generations.

In my opinion, America is nothing more and nothing less than a "big international business." It should be led and managed as such. Like any large organization America has:

· expenses to be managed and costs to be controlled

· revenues to be generated

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Improve Your Networking Skills

The Garden State Woman Education Foundation (GSWEF) has developed a novel approach to breaking down resistence to networking.  Hosted by  Judy Chapman, Founder of Garden State Woman, veteran networker Jack Killion shared tips on how he approaches networking.  The workshop was held at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park.

The purpose of the workshop, attended by corporate as well as individual business people, was to stimulate the thinking of the participants on innovative ways to use networking opportunities to enhance their professional as well as private lives. The two hour morning session was the latest education program offered by the GSWEF.  Participants were invited to send in their expectations for the event beforehand. The interactive program was tailored for the attendees which included a job seeking MBA graduate; one of the scholarship recipients from Garden State Women; as well as a variety of others with specific goals and objectives.  

Comments from the group: ...take a chance, you never know...if you don't plan it, it won't happen...be open to new opportunities...get out of your comfort zone...don't be afraid of cold calls...always follow up...how can I help you. 

To arrange a presentation for your organization, contact Judy at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 908-8797143


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2011 Governor's Conference

Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman was in attendance last week at the 2011 Governor's Conference which she created along with the input of Jeannine LaRue. I attended that first conference (one of 100) which was held at Skylands in Randolph. This year the conference attracted 1400 and was held in the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Breakfast speaker Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno challenged women to not be afraid to wear pink and high heels. Dressed in a muted pink suit which she modeled for the crowd, she shared the story of being told - when elected sheriff of Monmouth County - "they" did not want their sheriff to wear pink or to wear high heels. Incidently she was the first woman in the country to be elected sherrif.  She admitted that she did not then, but in her current role as the first Lt. Governor, she does wear pink and high heels.

The luncheon speaker, Star Jones, who grew up in the projects in New Jersey, was introduced by Lori Grifa, Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs. Sharing a personal connection with the TV Personality, Host, Author and former Prosecutor Star Jones, Ms. Grifa assured the group that this event would provide educational workshops, motivational stories and networking opportunities.

The importance of networking as a tool for growing a business and expanding your personal growth was stressed throughout the day.  With this in mind I invite you to sign up for the Garden State Woman Networking Workshop on Friday, May 20, 2011 from 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. Sign up at www.gswoman.com


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Is Your Network a Resource?

How often in the course of a day's events do you come across the opportunity to seek advice? Often you are looking for validation of a decision. Do you have a network of people that you trust, that you know are confidants? This is particularly challenging when you are faced with a business decision. What are the resources that you have available?

Is there someone with expertise that you can consult? Too often we do not focus on building a network of personal as well as professional resources. Traditionally women rely on a network of "girl friends" to serve as a sounding board. This will be helpful as long as the friend understands the big picture with which you are dealing.

Being diligent about building a reliable network is key. It does not just happen. It requires thought and planning. Join Garden State Woman on Friday, May 20, 2011 from 8:30 am to 11 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park for tips from a master networker, Jack Killion. Sign up here.



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Thank You For a Great Party

A special thank you to everyone who supported the 6th Annual Garden State Woman Awards Luncheon on March 18 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. From the special ambiance of the historic Park Avenue Club to the warmth and enthusiasm generated by professional connections and family and friends of the honorees, the day was truly special. The event was seamless and the 260 guests all had high praise for the benefit which is sponsored by the Garden State Woman Education Foundation.

Our annual "Gets It" award was presented by last year's honoree, Patricia Bell, to this year's honoree, Ruth Lipper.

Photos can be seen at www.gswoman.com; click on Women Leaders and select Woman of the Year.

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We Are Ready to Party!

We are ready to party. The 6th Annual Garden State Woman Awards Luncheon is set for Friday, March 18 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. An amazing group of nominees were presented to the selection committee. From that prestigious group, women who demonstrated a lifestyle that directly affected women and girls in their professional and private lives were selected as honorees. As usual, the committee found it difficult to single out individuals because everyone was worthy. The complete list of honorees can be found at here.

Several new activities have been added this year. There will be a Young Leaders recognition for high school and college age young women. Another new feature will be a silent auction that will offer an awesome collection of items for bidding. These include a Stratton (Vt.) Mountain 3 night Getaway; a Private Wine Tasting; a Goldendoddle (Golden Retreiver/Poodle) Male Puppy; Astrological Forecast; Private Soccer Sessions; Jewelry Appraisal; Image Consultation; Basking Ridge Country Club Fouresome;Park Avenue Club Membership; nature prints; Gourmet Chocolate specialities.

More than 200 guests have registered. No registration at the door. More details here.

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Nature's Winter Bounty

This has been a long, tough winter. When you live on a farm it is particularly taxing if you have animals that need to be tended to. Snow is difficult but ice is dangerous and just walking takes twice as long as usual. Keeping water from freezing requires constant attention.

You are aware of the raw beauty of nature and the power of weather. It truly makes you realize how inconsequential humans are in the natural rythme of every day and you become aware of creatures that we take for granted. Once in a while I catch a glimpse of a fox diligently looking for a meal. It is always fascinating to examine fresh prints in the snow. I have spent considerable time and money taking care of birds and a few squirrels. Among the birds I have recognized in the last few weeks are a pair of cardinals; four doves, two blue jays, 3 woodpeckers and many small birds that I couldn't identify. Did you know that birds have different flight patterns?Also, the larger birds are able to perch in a leafless tree but the young, smaller birds seek the safety of a large evergreen. As I think about nature I wonder when humans will learn from all the wonderful creatures that we are fortunate to share the planet with. Let me know what birds you have seen this winter.

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Happy Holidays

On behalf of the trustees of the Garden State Woman Education Foundation we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the friends of Garden State Woman who have supported our efforts this year. In these tough economic times we are especially grateful for so many loyal friends.

Just like many small business, it is a challenge to keep the doors open. It would be easy to say  "This is too hard." After more than twelve years of basically being the voice of New Jersey women, we know how important this work is. It will be increasingly important in 2011, particularly in getting out solid information about the trends in health care. We are putting together a conference on April 30, 2011 that promises to be unique. Innovations in health care will be the theme. The delivery of health care is changing. Many believe the future of health care is technology. We all recognize that major changes are before us as we all struggle to come to grips with escalating costs.

One thing is certain. Each individual is going to be expected to take personal responsibility for lifestyle choices that affect their health. Prevention is the word. Being a smart consumer is key to a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Ingredients that help us age gracefully include: an active, inquisitive mind; low levels of stress; an awareness of family health issues; a balanced diet and a regular exercise plan. These are the minimum ingredients that need to be in your life.
As you get ready for a New Year, make resolutions that you will keep. Give your health and your family's health the top resolution. We plan to give you lots of encouragement and tips, so keep clicking on gswoman.com for support of your healthy lifestyle.

A personal note. It is impossible to express my appreciation to The Provident Bank Foundation for the on going financial support they have provided to the Garden State Woman Education Foundation. Their grants have enabled us to continue to provide scholarship aid to six inner city girls studying at Rutgers New Brunswick. These students are amazing and their work ethic enviable. People helping people is the distinguishing characteristic of the human race. Happy Holidays.

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Look Carefully at "Sale" Items

As we move into the thick of the holiday gift shopping season I would like to share a shopping tip.

Look carefully at the stores who are discounting sharply. I have noticed that the "sale items" seem to have their original price inflated to the extent that the discounted or sale price just brings the cost down to where it was originally. For example, I was in a shop this weekend looking at men's sweaters. The tag read $350 with a 70% discount, bringing the cost of the sweater to $105 which is more realistic than $350. That pricing is not particularly competitive but it is an effective come on to get you in the store. The issue for all of us is "time". It is disturbing that marketing people have so little respect for consumers that they will contrive to attract customers hoping that they will believe the hype that the store is doing something to help consumers in a tough economy. I think the old adage "buyer beware" is particularly relevant in 2010.

On a happier note, try to have a stress free pre Holiday adventure, don't waste time shopping – accept the fact that you cannot win – have a budget and pick out gifts you like. Remember to have fun.

Smiles ....while driving down Rte 78 recently jockeying for position on the 3 lane speedway, we came upon a conservative driver who had a license plate that made us smile, OGROWUP. We can think of many instances where this applies, but Road Rage is certainly one.

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Happy Thanksgiving

One of the positive benefits of tough economic times is that we look among our friends and family for resources. Our value system rotates as we head into the holiday season. Gifts are symbolic of the value we place on friends and loved ones. Often the symbolism far outweighs the dollar value of the gift. Sharing a new idea, a new adventure, a new acquaintance are personal gifts that are priceless. Showing interest in the lives of those around us is a priceless gift. The gift of time is a priceless gift. The old fashioned idea that "little things mean a lot" is really not so old fashioned.

As you get caught up in the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, take time to give some hugs, smile a lot and share happy thoughts. These are the gifts you can give that mean so much to everyone that you come in contact with.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends from all of us at Garden State Woman.

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