Diane McCarthy - 2009 Corporate Award

Diane McCarthy – Senior Vice President, Network Field Operations, Verizon
Nominated By: Chris Baron

Diane McCarthy embodies the talent, drive and passion that has led her to completely transform the Verizon Network Field operations team to increase efficiencies while reducing expenses and improving service results.

Diane leads a global team of more than 15,000 employees. In her current role, Diane has built a converged network field organization from the ground up while improving service results.

Throughout her career, Diane has led by example. She regularly meets with her employees in the field to understand their day-to-day challenges. Her unique understanding of her nearly 9,000 front-line employees comes naturally, since that is exactly how she began her career, and she has proven over and over the value and talent she brings to every position.

In addition to her responsibilities as Senior Vice President, Diane extends personal and professional time to several philanthropic organizations and is the recipient of the coveted TWIN Award.

Diane’s true character shines forth on a daily basis. She remains active in her community and is a native New Jersey woman.

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